The Responsibilities of Owning A Horse

Hello again. So many people have come to my Method who want to ride a horse as well as have a deep bond with them. Some are looking for solutions to behavioral problems. Many people are feeling snubbed by their horses. Others cannot gain respect whilst some are on a journey in search of a way to connect with a horse in the moment of unity and harmony.

What I offer through the Waterhole Rituals™ is support through a journey by accepting the horse for who he is right now and building a relationship in the most natural way. The Waterhole Rituals™ offer an enjoyable process to bring horses and humans together using rituals that horses use to develop a working partnership with one another. If you have the horse of your dreams and a wonderful riding horse, the Rituals will help you to develop a deeper connection in friendship.

Many people have discovered that horses, like people, have different personalities and that this needs to be considered when dealing with horses. The most important aspect of having a horse is picking the right horse to fit your purpose and personality. Horses are like shoes. Not only is the fit important but so is the purpose. Let’s say you have found a wonderful pair of heels that you can walk in all day and that don’t hurt your feet. They wouldn’t be the choice to go running on the beach in. A horse that would be great as a pet and is a relaxed trail horse would most likely not work out as a reining or cutting horse. A highly schooled dressage horse would not stay trained in the hands of a novice. When I look for a horse to buy, I search for a horse that is a match for me. It might take a year to find such a horse who fits my needs, ability and personality and I believe this is the most important step in owning a horse.

I would suggest that people need to have a lot of experience under their belt before owning a horse because of all the care horses require. I see so much accidental abuse of horses occurring by people who do not know how to care for them. Many years ago it was standard practice that people who were beginners were managed by experienced horseman and matched with a horse that would take care of them. As the person advanced as a horseman their trainer continually matched them with more advanced horses.

Once you learn how to take care of your horse the next step would be to learn the Waterhole Rituals™. I designed the Waterhole Rituals™ to help people, of all personality types and at all levels of horsemanship form a connection by allowing the horse to step into his true personality and establish a strong bond and respect with humans. The daily practice of the Waterhole Rituals™ will reveal your horse's true nature as well as provide insight into the best way to handle his personality.

Some horses are dominant, some are leaders and others are submissive. If a dominant horse tried to become the leader of a group of horses, the herd would lose a certain amount of unity harmony, well being and trust. A submissive horse would never want to lead or indeed be able to do so. Just as horses have different personalities and skills sets, so do people, which is why it is important to match the two together optimally.

Often I find people who are naturally submissive and lack natural leadership skills want to own a dominant horse. This can be a real challenge as the dominant horse requires instinctive, natural leadership from the human in order to get him to go where you would like him to go. Therefore, for a submissive person it is very important to choose the right personality of horse to match both the requirements of the job and the person’s ability and personality. If you are a submissive person who loves your dominant natured horse and has basic horsemanship skills, then the Waterhole Rituals™ will help to develop respect and the bond that you would like to have. The Waterhole Rituals™ can also help you learn how to read a horse so that you are best able to pick the right match for you

The First Waterhole Ritual™ will lead you to a state where you are happy with your horse as he is and have a desire to provide for his well being. This is the starting point of my Method for anyone who wants to experience every part of the true nature of horses and become a true student of the horse by learning how to develop the ultimate match.

I hope you enjoy your weekend in harmony