Refocusing on the Reason to Connect with Horses

A Leader of Leaders

A Leader of leaders is how I see the social roles we all play with one another helps to evolve man to his higher self. I would define the higher self as having a natural inclination to bring well being to others that would activate them to become a care taking leader in their own life. It is all about the leadership that we offer in our every day interactions with one another that plays a great part in the well being of our planet.

leader of leaders

I have always been aware that no matter the role we play in society, from janitor to president, anyone can play a part to create more well being in the world at large. When we feel a connection and feel free to respond as leaders we have more of an ability to know when to speak and when to listen, when to act and when to pause, in order to support and strengthen the ones we are bonded with.


Making a Difference in the World

Giving up judgment and discontent helps one to see the actions one can take to make a "difference" in the world. What does this have to do with horse training and bonding in friendship with horses?

It is about what the horses have to teach us when we take the leadership role with them. In social interactions that bring well being to both the horse and yourself, we find a natural knowingness in how to lead.

Giving freedom to a horse helping us to make make the right choice in how to be a care taking leader.


Our Evolution to The Higher Self

In human's evolution of social responsibility today we  understand how to lead by laying down  laws set in stone that control an individual's behavior and teaches the individual to understand that the law is what needs to be maintained by everyone in order to keep the peace. However, it does not work that well.  Alot of things are over looked when enforcement is the only reason the laws are followed. There will be a tendency to have a desire for freedom and to want to break the rules because it goes against our nature to feel free.

I love what I have learned from horses. They make me feel more alive and to look to the next horizon for my own growth as an empathic human being. Horses help me care for my fellow man because of what I learn from them. I feel something is always growing in me because of the freedom I give to my horse. I am driven to dance with horses because they keep me young and aware of how wonderful each day is in my life.


Giving Freedom

Giving freedom to horses through our leadership brings out the dance we are wanting to share with a horse.

We can create a horse's desire to follow our lead, without using force through the bond that we form with them. Learning how to appraoch a horse in this manner helps our own society through improving our leadership behavior by what we learn from not using force.

The Key to the Waterhole Rituals

What I want out of the Waterhole Rituals is to guide people to find their own personal power to dance with a horse. Freedom and being truly aware of how our horse feels in the moment guides us to a world of unity and harmony.

Marchador & Sharolyn

The secret is to get comfortable leading and training a horse when you don’t really know what you are doing.  Because from this perspective when we train a horse we are not too arrogant and therefore meet a horse in the moments he would be willing to learn, connect and dance.

Here are some questions you might enjoy responding to:

  1. How have horses made you a better person or have empowered your belief in yourself.
  2. How have horses changed your approach in how you communicate with the people in your life?

Upcoming Clinics

Linda Salinas in NC, USA is offering an Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals clinic to introduce people to my method. I am proud to support her work with horses through my method. This year she is working on getting certified in my method through the clinics she is offering from her amazing facility with her beautiful herd of horses as your teachers. Check it out and good luck to you Linda!!



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Wishing everyone a happy winter celebration, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Have a great weekend! Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.