Reflecting on the Uberstreichen Exercises

In today’s classroom there are some things I want to share and a book I would like to recommend that you can read at this time with your horse, if the weather will permit. I will give you the 5th Ueberstreichen Exercise next Tuesday because it is time for us to pause, reflect and witness our forward progress. Many people are still working on the first two Uberstreichen Exercises so there is no really need to progress to the 5th one at this time. I will extend the classroom to next Tuesday, which is usually a time for sharing my thoughts.

The blog is becoming a classroom where we are all learning form each other from sharing our experiences, while becoming aware of our surroundings in nature like a horse would do. ‘New magic’ is on the horizon, it is happening all around us from our awareness of our horses in the moment. It was what I was hoping to build.

I am watching the YouTubes that I have inspired people to create. I am watching YouTubes where people keep the camera rolling in real time in the environment and holding beautiful vibrations. On their journey with my Method they are filming their moments with their horses and filming their surroundings in nature. In these YouTubes people are filming beautiful skies and streams and happy rhythmic dancing with their horses and watching people doing nothing but experiencing being truly alive with a horse, breathing in and breathing out with long moments of “whisker touching”. I am seeing many scenes of sunlit air intermingled with tree branches and beautiful backlit spider webs caught in autumn leaves.

A man willing to share what is real without purpose other than wanting to make a connection with anyone who would enjoy sharing the moment in his own experience. What I am witnessing is a new song without agenda with horses. It is a song where we are sharing with one another our private moments we have never shared before with anyone. We are learning through sharing, we are becoming a herd of humans. We are helping each other to develop higher horsemanship from sharing our own experiences. We are building a friendship brought together from the love of horses. I am also noticing that horses are behaving differently than they have in the past from our spiritual evolution in magical ways. We are discovering “the new horse”.

I would like to recommend a book for you to read right at this juncture called the “Songs of Horses” by Paul Belasik. It will help you grow your understanding in how to view and create different approaches in how to connect and train horses. It is one of my favorite books of all time. This book allows my soul to soar and to grow and gives me more hope in bringing us all together to celebrate and share the “cutting edge” of this growing symbiotic connection in cross species bonding and dancing between horses and humans. It is a magical read along with being quit educational.

Please remember to check in the comments section so I know you are still interested and reading my instruction. There as been a lot of drop-off in the classroom. If the drop-off is too large, I will return to the regular articles. These exercises are very simple to learn but are very focused and detailed and need to be practiced over a period of time. I can understand why you might lose interest. They may take too much focus for the average horse owner. I love them and I get lost in the details. I like that they are gentle, simple to employ and produce such amazing results for my students who use them.

I do hope you stay interested. Remember, do not do them for more that 10 or 15 minutes a session. Let me know how they are helping you and if you have any questions regarding their application. Remember to sign in even if you have nothing to add. It is my roll call so I can see if you still want to go forward with the free instruction program.

Have a great weekend