Reciprocal Movements to Develop the Code of Conduct in your Horse at Liberty

meditation2Getting your horse to follow the code of conduct with you is easily gained through the practice of Reciprocal Movements.  This practice will open the lines of communication and develop a horse that will choose your leadership over his own. Remember in my book “Naked Liberty” I wrote about Reciprocal Movements and how important this activity is while Sharing Territory with horses, even as a meditation. Sharing Territory as a meditation is the first step before moving into Reciprocal Movements. This puts you in the right state of being, so you are vibrating energy that brings a sense of well- being to your horse. This also gives time for your horse to become aware that he or she is sharing this same energy with you. You are looking for resonance, first doing nothing that will later move into a dance of Reciprocal Movements in harmony. The word resonance means re-sound, which indicates a flow of vibration between two things, in this case between horse and human.

How to communicate with your horse through energy:

Journey-WalkMake a picture in your mind of what it is that you want to communicate with your horse. Allow that picture to influence your feelings so that your energy is magnetic. This will influence your body language and your approach. Having this picture in your mind will direct you in knowing how to approach your horse to bring out your horse's instincts to follow the code of conduct in his relationship with you.

How to use Reciprocal Movements:

bookgraphicDuring this interchange with your horse there will be a lot of time that you are not paying any attention to your horse and the interactions that take place must be timely and slow with lots of pauses, just like what would happen in nature when horses are grazing together. If you have my book “Naked Liberty”, go to page 178 and you can read about how this interaction plays out. The chapter is titled "Leader of Leaders" with the subtitle "Magnetic Leadership through Reciprocal Movements."

The purpose of Reciprocal Movements is to build trust, willingness, cooperation and the bond. These movements are the same movements horse's use in their daily interactions with one another to create fluidity and harmony.

How to use herd movements:

ChipSometimes you are going to ask your horse to move out of your way and sometimes you are going to walk around him, moving out of his way. Sometimes you are going to let him move you out of the way and other times not. You are going to choose which to do by how the relationship is going. If he is starting to get too respectful, you will move out of his way. When you feel you need to ask him to move out of your way to help the relationship, then do that. From choosing these herd interactions, you can create all of the qualities that you want to have with your horse.

Reciprocal Movements is practiced in my 5 Piles of Hay exercise that is part of Sharing Territory in my Waterhole Rituals. This is explained in more detail in my online Waterhole Rituals course. To read more about the code of conduct, you can find it in the blog prior to this one.

If you have any questions, please write to me in the comment section and I will gladly answer them for you. If you are interested in the course, it starts March 16th and 17th, 2014.

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Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings.

Warmly, Carolyn