Positive Energy is in the Air!


“Positive energy is in the air.” I read this statement on the front cover of a Bed, Bath, and Beyond catalog this morning that I had received in my mailbox today. I was quite delighted that this statement could be found on the cover of a chain store catalog that sold bath products and many household needs to the general population. To me this means that the mainstream consumers are beginning to see the need for taking an active role for bringing positive energy into one’s life. It is not about the things in our life. It is about the positive energy we bring to our “things”. “Things” being all matter, whether that is our possessions, friends, strangers, loved ones, earth, plants, animals, or atmosphere. In little tiny ways we can make a difference.

My husband and I owned a 13 acre horse ranch, Stonehenge Arabians - Dances with horses, in Sonoma California. It sat smack dab in the center of wine country. We breed and trained Arabian horses and grew Napa Gamey wine grapes. We bottled a Gamey Nuevo wine from what we grew. It was a wine you served during the holidays. In the first two years we stomped the juice out of the grapes with our feet. Everything I touched was approached from a labor of love. The positive energy we poured out came back to us from a never-ending stream of consciousness that continues to enhance my well being even today.

Every day I spent two hours in the morning preparing the ranch to create positive energy for all that lived there. I approached my chores in complete awareness and joy. I was creating positive energy in how I approached my chores of raking, pulling weeds, grooming, saddle soaping tack, cleaning the feed room, cleaning stall walls, dragging the arena, feeding animals, cleaning waters, picking up poo, repairing what was broken, working in the garden, and so on. The list was long, but it caused my every day life to bring me greater joy for being alive.

The joy that emanated from me was palpable which caused my horses, cats, dogs, students, ect… to deeply connect with me in this magical space. One of the things I learn about life is that taking action to create harmony and beauty in the environment we occupy is the answer for getting rid of the things that stand in the way of the connecting’s we long for.


Being awake to what it is that you are doing makes you feel more joyful. This is uplifting to others, radiates positive energy, and sends more well-being out into the world. I believe this is our purpose on earth and from this practice comes a deeper sense of fulfillment and the connection we may feel is missing. It is the Zen practice of, “chop wood/carry water” that unveils the deeper meaning of life and good heath.

Training horses is a lot like this. Training a horse, for both you and your horse, can be the best part of life by what you bring to each other in the relationship. If self-realization and Sharing Territory with your horse is interesting to you, you might like to look into my new program the Chair Challenge, which is a set of guided meditations designed to bring you an ability to know your horse and yourself more deeply. These guided meditations will bring about a beautiful cross species bond. It is the first stage of the practice of my Waterhole Rituals.

My method of training a horse is not a method of training. It is a method of practice where horses and humans grow into an alignment. From the every day practice of the Waterhole Rituals a partnership arises were a human may ride a horse from a bonded trust. A non-imposing leadership is shared and a way of life that flows effortlessly, easily, and naturally is discovered.

If you are interested in the Chair Challenge program it will offer you a more in-depth practice of Sharing Territory, which will help to grow your bond to prepare you for the online course.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn

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