Perceptions Leading to Deeper Connections with Horses

Marina and Nitrous

As the current Insider Circle and Extended Circle course is closing, I would love to have my students, as well as my readers, add something to my blog in regards to leadership and what you have gained with the connection and feel with your horses.  You are also invited to add a poem to my poem.

In my online course, as you may recall, we started Sharing Territory with my guided meditations to help you on your journey. This is so important to bring forth the 5-heart felt strings of connection.  I want to end the course with a poem because I believe that it will keep you close on the path in harmony and unity with your horse going forward.

Am I aware?

Who can my horse be now?

If I am aware of my horse’s changing moods, he is more respectful and it draws him to me and I know more in how to respond to him with my leadership and direction.

Is he always the same or is he always growing and becoming?

Am I growing and becoming? Of course I am, this is what it is to be alive.

If I do not acknowledge my new empowerment I gain from each day it will not stick, for there was not enough nurtured attention for this new strength to grow.

How do we see the extraordinary in the ordinary, if we are looking for the magic we can experience with our horse? Staying in companionship with them in the moment, the heart opens and in that place of being the extraordinary surrounds us.

Carolyn with Jazz and ApolloWhat I love About Horses

What I love about horses is what they bring out in me and what I have learned from them.  I am a better listener, a better observer, and a better friend. I know how to become one with a horse and still keep my perspective and presence of mind. My approach with horses is to be aware that every moment is brand new.  This way I put forth my best approach in how to begin our dance each day.  My horse’s changing ways do not go unnoticed.  Horses bring me alive. I am aware of who I am and where I am. I am as aware as I can be of my surroundings.  The changing conditions that are taking place, I notice, like a lead horse that is uplifted for doing his or her job keeping the herd safe and in harmony. I give horses my full attention. In this state I feel that I know, and never know, horses completely.

Their mystery I do not try to uncover. I do not need to know them more deeply, for in their company I am aware that “I am”. I need nothing more. We are horse and human entwined forever in the bonds and boundaries we share.

Carolyn and ApolloFrom the years of  being a student of the horses, causes me to  dance in new ways with them. Sometimes we share a dance in stillness, share the rhythms of the day or I will pursue my interest in taking the horse's lessons to a higher level.  Sometimes I quietly get lost  in the day from being in neutral with them. The breath of life connects us.  Who would know this better than the lizards on my walk, the little snails moving out of the sun and the new flower that was not there yesterday that caught my eye speaking to me as I go down to the horses, in theses moments of eternity, exhilaration and light. My essences calls my herd, because we are that way for each other. Each day we greet each other similarly to the Hello Ritual, a ritual that helps to deepen the trust between horses and humans.  “So you are back my friend, my life is now more alive, and you?”

As I walk down to start the day with my horse I am in the center of the day’s rhythm that sets the pace. Poetry spews out from me with a passion that is undeniable and a wellness that has no judgment, expectation or ambition.

I feel on fire in the dance of it all

Carolyn and TrinityThere is nothing that I am in need of as I look into each horse’s eyes as they acknowledge me in the same way. I look no different than anyone else visiting their horse, except my blueprint of movements my horses have come to recognize that gives them an ability to read me like a book. I feel we have a pact, I stay readable, awake to the changing condition and attitudes we share and true to my nature, and they keep true to their nature by hiding nothing from the freedom we share.

Something I have learned is that horses use boundaries for me to follow, or lead our dance and then from their response I learn more about how to be with them. Boundaries open the door to my allowing, and to our freedom.  This lifetime with horses I am blessed from the dance and the pause, from the pause they quiet my soul like a swaddled child.

Thank all for being in my class.  You bring out the poem in me.


Poem sent in from Linda Salinas who was given it by Molly Jordan...Thank you both. 

....Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway....

Be bold. Be humble.

Put away the incense and forget the incantations they taught you.

Ask no permission from the authorities.

Close your eyes and follow your breath to the still place that leads to the invisible path that leads you home.

Poem by - St. Theresa of Avila


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