Pages From The Heart: An Excerpt from My New Journaling Workbook in the Making

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Pages From The Heart: An Excerpt from my Journaling Workbook in the Making

This blog will be extremely helpful for all of you who are in the Insider Circle and Extended Circle program. Many times, as we are going forward, I will use the blog to add to your program. Today’s blog will be very valuable for those of you who are keeping a journal of the course.

Where To Put Your Focus: This is a workbook to guide you in what to write in your journal to bring you in alignment with your ability to communicate with your horse in the most natural way.

From Our World to Theirs Communicating with horses requires that your attention is on the present moment and to be aware of the changes that occur in those moments- such as the changes in your environment, and the changes in your horse’s attitude from one moment to another. Whether a prey animal or predator, this is the universal focus of animals in nature. They are always aware of their environment and the changes that occur around them. It is how they survive. In order to get your horse to understand our communications, we also need to put our attention on these matters.

Stagnant Energy Be Gone! Your journal writing exercises will help you to put your attention on these matter and cause you to begin thinking, acting and behaving more appropriately with your horse. Your vibrations from your journal writing will become in sink with the environment and your horse that will open a natural understanding between you. It will also start the process of growing a deeper bond and connection. You will begin to forget about what you know, or don’t know. Stagnant energy will leave you from becoming truly present with the moment and your horse. You will become aware of a living world around you like your horse. You will take on a relaxed focus. This way of being gives you something in common with your horse. You will begin to communicate with your horse quite naturally using body language and reading your horse’s intentions and vibrations. Once you have considered these things, can you imagine communicating in any other way? If journal writing is not your thing, choose a project that does not include your horse. Saddle soaping tack or another kind of busy work will do.

First Journey Exercise So lets grab our journals with pen in hand and head out into a new world with open eyes and heart. Set your journal down where your horse won’t get it. Put your full focus on the moment and how it makes you feel, and how your horse is feeling in the moment and how he feels about your arrival. Walk the land. What do you hear? How do you like the weather? How is the weather making you feel, and how do you think your horse feels about the weather? After sitting quietly with your attention on your breath and your horses breath, and the rhythm of the day for 15 minutes or as long as you like- you can begin to write in your journal. Write your feelings on each observation. Check to see what you might have left out. Sit without writing and wait for a change in the environment, and write about that change. Finish with a poem. Stay at least an hour with your horse. Read a book or write in your journal only on present matters and feelings with no reflections on anything of the past. Do this for a week. Share your journal writing with my bloggers if you like.

Formula for Starting the Chain Reaction to Friendship and Respect When you do not include your horse, and appear busy, it causes a horse to feel safe in your company. He knows he is not the target. This starts a chain reaction. When your horse feels safe, he becomes curious. When he becomes curious, he will come over to see what you are doing. Being in your company puts his focus on developing a friendship with you. If you stay busy, he will try to get your attention by pestering you. When he pesters you, he gets more familiar with you. When your horse is too pushy- it will start the interactions between you. You will learn what you will allow your horse to do and not to do- and how to interact with your horse to keep you safe while he is in your company. The intimate interactions you share will develop a common language and greater trust. You will become his leader by teaching him about respect at the appropriate time- at a time that the energy of the horse is on you in the moments of intimate interaction that he started; rather than teaching respect at a time that makes no sense to the horse. Inappropriate timing for developing a horses respect would be when a horse would rather be somewhere else and you do not have his full attention.

Your horse will learn you have rules he needs to follow, and that these rules are flexible- but you are in charge of their flexibility. When he sees you as a leader, he will accept you as a family member and your leadership.

In Conclusion Well, I hope you all enjoyed this short exercise from my upcoming workbook on journaling. I found it relaxing just writing it! Look forward to reading your comments on the blog and any ideas that you have for me to write about.

Insider Circle and Extended Circle Update Don’t forget, this weekend is the start of the Insider Circle and Extended Circle program! There is still time to get in on the Extended Circle Class, as Friday will be the last day of registration. I look forward to meeting those of you in the class. You will be receiving an update soon with detailed call information. If you have any questions, please email Lori Brown Smith at and put in the subject line “Insider Circle Question” or “Extended Circle Question.”

May Your Horse Be With You!