Our Week at the Ranch with Sharolyn Wandzura & Heightening Your Horse's Awareness To Your Body Language Using The Same Approach To Get Two Different Responses.

We had a great week at the ranch because spring was in the air and the horses were feeling good and wanting to return to their more active life dancing with us in the arena. Sharolyn Wandzura came down from Canada to work with us on the new website and webzine. We both though it would be better to work in person and get to know each other since we are designing the webzine together, and we want it to take on a life of its own. Bringing a Dream to Life: Good News for Horses Webzine

Having a magazine is something I have always wanted to do. Before I moved to Escondido, I did not have time for such an endeavor because I had a breeding ranch as well as running an education center for horses, along with traveling around the U.S. doing clinics on my method. Now that I have retired from that business, I have the time! Since we are now in the computer age, we no longer need paper and postage- so it makes it feasible to create a virtual magazine.

You might want to check Sharolyn’s website out. Her site is www.earsforward.com. If you are wanting help creating a new site, or adding to your existing website, she is great because she is also a horse person and understands our market. Sharolyn can help you create your image, promote your business, and get it seen in this big wide world of the web- plus take care of all the techy stuff too.

She is also an amazing photographer and helped us with our online store by taking picture of my products. We had so much fun photographing the products in nature. Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming goodies! She also took shots of us dancing with our horses. While she was here, I spent time teaching her my Waterhole Rituals and I will share with you those pictures and videos soon.

New Exercise!

While I was coaching Sharolyn on how to use her body language as a communication aid, I came up with a great exercise that I think you might enjoy practicing. It will not be for everyone. If you have a horse that you can move off of hay easily from a frontal approach this will be a great exercise.

Here it is!

What we are wanting to accomplish by this game is for the horse to see more clearly what our body language is saying to him when we are walking up to him. In this exercise we can communicate weather we want to join him, say hello, or ask him to leave his grazing spot.

How to start:

Put down several piles of hay. This invites your horse to stay in the game because he can move on to different piles of hay. Having more than one pile of hay makes the environment to be more like what a horse experiences in nature. Horses eat very closely together and also move away from one another, as well as drive a horse away from their eating spot.

Once you have the hay pile down you can begin to practice. Start by walking up to your horse like in the Hello Ceremony and say hello. Then walk away and take a pause for a few minutes, and then do the exact same thing using the same approach, but this time your intention is to drive him away from his eating spot using your body language to suggest that your horse move away. You use the same frontal approach. Keep repeating this. What will happen is your horse will start paying more attention to exactly what your intention is, and you will need to really work on being very clear. Imagine that someone from a distance could see what it is that you are conveying to your horse- whether you are wanting to say hello or asking your horse to leave. We had great success with this exercise.

If you try it out, get back to me and let me know how it worked out for you. If you were successful with this game, put it in the comment section if you like. I am sure all the readers could gain some valuable insight. I hope to see some videos soon of you trying this exercise with your horse! We also used music when we communicated to Marchador with Katy Perry’s song Teenage Dream and California Gurls, not to mention Firework. We were all dancing by the end of the day, even Apollo was getting his groove on!


Clinic Announcement:

I want to let you all know that Julia Felton and Monique Ros are putting together another clinic on the Waterhole Rituals and Self-realization this summer in the Netherlands. Click here to view the PDF brochure for those of you who are in the Netherlands and/or speak Dutch! :)

Clinic Announcement:

Julia Felton is having a clinic in Spain April 29th – 1st May, and June 10th – 12th 2011. For more information please contact Julia@connect-thru-horses.com

Foal Naming Competition!

Monique would like to enter her foal into the foal naming competition! This is an exciting project and I can’t wait to hear what names you all have for the baby!  Please send us an email to office@carolynresnick.com with FOAL NAME as subject and we will compose a list of names! The winning prize will be announced soon!

May the Horse Be With You!