My Virtual Simulator for Teaching Riding

When I was a kid, I had an old horse and he did not know how to do anything but what he was told because of the years of service he was use to. I was not skilled enough to ride him without guidance even though he would do what you told him to. I did not know how to activate the gas pedal and break in relationship to the turning aids, and make the needed adjustments in order to ride a horse. Riding a horse is not an easy matter. Once we learn, it is as easy as breathing, so we easily forget how much we know, how much we have learned, and how much awareness we need to bring to a beginning rider as teachers of horsemanship. I have wanted to construct a quad where the breaks would sometimes work too sensitively, and range to less and less sensitive, to not working at all-or it might even go faster when applying the breaks. Turning the vehicle would work with the same irregularities. Sometimes I dream of this teaching aid. If any one knows how to create this monster I would love to talk to you about building it! Since I do not currently have this machine, let’s ride the machine in virtual reality. I think virtual lessons are as valuable as the real deal- so just imagine riding this machine. One thing is for sure- if you ran into something you could not blame the vehicle because of the vehicle being belligerent.

When I was getting over an injury I would ride horses in my mind, and when I got back to riding I was a better trainer and rider. This winter is a good time to imagine riding a horse and reading lots of book on riding and training. I love riding dressage tests in a kind of virtual reality. I would put my dressage letters on the floor in my house and walk, trot, and canter myself through each test. I would feel as though the upper part of my body was me, and my legs were the horse that I was riding – like a centaur.

Another thing you can do using your imagination is when you are working your horse from the ground, and your horse is cantering and you feel he is just a little out of control- imagine that you run up to him and jump on his back and put him into a better connection with you. This has worked for a lot of people. I use it all the time.

Well this is it, Christmas is upon us and I wish you all great peace and joy with your horses and would love to hear how you are spending your Christmas. This Christmas we are hoping to dry out a little and today we are at Lori’s celebrating and early Christmas and working on the blog together.

My mother and I will be enjoying the feeling of peace and good will and listening to Christmas music together on Christmas Eve. We will also be going to Mass with Jeanette and of course reading all your letters.

Good bye for now and have a good conversation at midnight with all the creatures around you! Hug them up a lot and send them my blessings. If you are away from your horse, then send your horse a loving message and hug telepathically.

Merry Christmas