Mission: Bringing Awareness to the Horse as a Treasure for Humanity

Hello All! I am very excited that soon I will have a class which will allow me to get into the finer points of teaching, and to cover more details on the Waterhole Rituals™ that would not be appropriate for drop-ins and occasional curious visitors. Several people have been very unhappy about the proposed changes of my program. I think that what they are not taking into account is that my certified clinicians will be writing in the free webzine about the Waterhole Rituals and lessons that they are involved in. I expect and hope to have pictures from them as well as videos to enjoy and learn from. It will be very exciting for the readers to read about my certified clinicians, and to see their horses and home sights while you are still being coached in some form or another. When I do not have a blog from one of my students or readers on the subject of training with the Waterhole Rituals, I will write a blog for that month or put up one of the blogs from the archive I think would be appreciated.

Awareness Needed

What is important to me is that I have noticed that there has been a lot of focus on horse abuse in the training and riding of horses, while another kind of horse abuse has gone with less attention. I want to take the time to bring awareness to a larger abuse that is happening- and that is in the area of daily care and responsible management of horses, by relying on old ways and/or not knowing any better. I have seen multi- million dollar facilities that had everything a person could want, but no shelters in the fields and no trees. When a horse is locked up in a stall or small paddock most of the day this can be a life of torture. A horse is a plains animal that runs in a herd with friends; he needs a chance to develop a true relationship with other horses. People claim they love their horse deeply until they are no longer needed or they break down, or they are old. I want to make you aware that when you get a horse, you should be willing to keep him for his lifetime.

Equine Daily Enrichment

We need more focus on making a horse’s life better with more daily activities and enrichments, and to get our horses out of their stalls. I want a person to understand that their horse needs daily exercise like we do. I remember reading years ago that a horse could not run any further than a man. I also remember hearing that the Yaqui Indians did not use horses because they could get where they wanted to go faster because the terrain they lived in was harder for a horse to travel through than it was for a human. The Yaquis found horses interesting to study rather than to use, so they learned more about horses than any other tribe that used horses.

Appreciation of Horses

I believe we need to study and appreciate horses, and learn about their natural ways in nature. I want to have a wild horse observation section in the webzine. If I bring all kinds of articles to you on the subjects that will open more hearts and give more attention to who horses are, their culture and needs, and what makes them tick- this will help the overall care of horses. The life of horses will be improved not just from the time they spend in your company, but their lives will be made to be better overall. And what about that amazing story of connection between someone and their horse that needs to be told? Who is going to tell it? I want to. There are people who have amazing ways of training and keeping horses, and I want to bring that to you. It is important to remember that the cutting edge is always ongoing. I hope that my readers will help me on this journey to write their story on the Waterhole Rituals as a feature article and send them to me as well. There is so much for us all to learn from each other on the connection with horses. The webzine can develop as an exciting format for all of us. The Good News For Horses™ webzine I am sure will take many turns, and develop a life of its own to best serve the desires of the readers. It will have an indeterminate length just like my blog, and how to approach the Waterhole Rituals.

More Good News

For me, it is always a journey and a challenge to discover new horse and human sightings and dances. I have always wanted to have a newsletter called Good News. It has a deeper meaning to me than its simple title implies. Keeping your focus on what is working, and on the good news around us brings a way of thinking that naturally knows how to connect with a horse. Focusing on the positive allows you to work on building a connection. Fixing a problem does not allow you to create a connection, it only gets rid of the problem. Horses are attracted to people who naturally see the best part of them. From this view point, as a good news seeker, they naturally know how to let nature take its course.   I believe the world needs more good news. When the brain stops looking for trouble, all that is left is harmony, unity, and creativity, which is very inviting to horses and allows our dreams to become realities.    

 I look forward to hearing about new horse and human sightings!

 Have a great weekend!