May The Non-Force Be With You

It’s really touching that people have been responding so deeply on the subject of such a small issue regarding a horse being so unwilling to have a halter put on, or the horse being so freaked out about the need to rip away from a human, because of the distasteful feeling of being with a human. I appreciate that many people are willing to take the long journey to build a relationship with a horse as Robin and Carry have done with Pony.

In the traditional programs of leaning how to fix problems with horses, the problem gets fixed from an overall system and does not take in to consideration of the needs of the individual horse and human. Recently I watched a Youtube of a horse, he has a similar problem as Pony, not as bad, but still a problem of putting a bridle. The method just used force and persistence at the time the horse was fighting to get away.

I am working on my book and I just finished my prologue and what I wrote really pertains to the subject of how to approach really big problems such as with Cary’s experience with her horse. It requires not a formula but to know how to follow a code of conduct that brings about connections and solutions.

There is not a formula. What you are doing is communicating in a way that exhibits your intentions. You approach the horse by winning his trust and favour in a way that can be mind altering to him to enjoy the very act that intimated him.

You only interact with your horse in the moments the horse is at peace and does not in any way feel the human is taking away his power and freedom and well being.

It requires the willingness of the professional to work with the horse as well as the human and meet the individual requirements of both in the moment.

It requires a professional to give whole heartily of yourself and to make adjustments that the code of conduct keep you to.

It is not about approach and retreat, it is more than that. It is the knowing when to approach and when to retreat and that is driven by the universal code of personal boundaries that allow the bond to evolve. Approach and retreat sound so cold and manipulative to me. What is happening for Robin is that she is speaking to Pony through the language of connection and following a code that the horse can begin to trust and recognize as the way of the horse.

If you have a chance to watch Robin's Youtubes they are really wonderful. I watch them all the time. I want to strongly encourage everyone to attend Robin's clinic if possible. I have found her clinics to be fun, enjoyable, and life-enhancing! Robin has a great sense of humor that is not to be missed!

How I gain knowledge is by observation and being inspired by what I see. I do not look at anything which does not draw my interest. To feel the feelings of connection that exists in the moment, is where I receive my knowledge that brings the dance that I share with horses.

When I observe I do no not try to figure out anything I just enjoy and allow the experience to inspire me. When this happens a solution automatically presents itself. The most powerful evolution to my own knowledge even to this very day is remembering to allow time to pass with out effort. To know that the pause allows the evolution and the bond to grow on its own while seeking guidance from horses and learning more about the way of horses. I follow this path.

Well, we have another weekend coming up and another opportunity for a new horse and humans sightings.

Remember I would love to read your stories on your new horse human sightings!

Have a great weekend! May the “Non Force” be with you!


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