May the Horse be with You!!

What fascinates me about wild horses is their beauty, and their free spirit and how much they enjoy. I fell in love with horses as a child. It was a romantic connection, as it is for many children who are drawn to horses. I felt if a wild horse should befriend me, I would have something special. I grew up with horses, and as a child I was offered an opportunity to observe and ultimately make friends with a natural wild horse herd. I spent every day with wild horses in the summertime in the San Jacinto Mountains of California where my family had a cabin in the woods close to the horses. My summers with the horses extended over three years and began when I was 10 years old. At that time in my life and still today I was looking for the magic I could share with a horse. I wanted to learn their culture and pecking order behaviors. I wanted to develop a relationship with wild horses, to be able to ride a wild horse from a bonded trust and magical connection without having to capture it against its will or train him to accept me on his back. In this three-year period, I gained a relationship with the herd. At first I spent a lot of time pursuing them but found out this approach was not working. As long as I tried to follow them, they felt that they needed to avoid me. I then stopped my pursuit and allowed the horses to bond with me on their own. I waited in one spot where they went to drink throughout the day. It was at this spot that I made a connection with wild horses. When I waited for them to seek out a relationship with me first, their attitude changed. From allowing the horses to control how they chose to bond with me, I found a magical connection and the ability to ride a wild horse from a bonded trust. This ability arose from the horses’ acceptance of me as being a part of their family.

I know that many of you have told me how much you enjoyed my book. I would like you to share with the class what chapter you enjoyed and why you liked it, and anything else that you would like to share regarding the book. Each chapter in my book was an event in my childhood that taught me something. I would also like to hear from you about an event that was a great lesson in your life-or how the Waterhole Rituals™ have brought you a better understand and connection with your horse. I really enjoyed what everyone shared in the last blog and would love to read more. Feel free to write longer pieces at this time because I will read it and I am sure everyone will enjoy hearing your personal story.

Today I would like to share a great photo that was sent to me. Thank You Berenika for sending me the lovely note and photo of Sharing Territory™!

Dear Carolyn, This is a photo of me, my friend Agata and my two horses, Czesio and Igrek. It was the first time we tried Sharing Territory and there were two horses and two people in the same place. It wasn't our plan at the beginning, we just took two small chairs, sat there and started to chat. I was just curious what would happen. What was funny, my horses immediately chose their "parners" for ST and they never traded places. At first they were looking for treats in our laps, trying to "eat" the chairs, but then Czesio took a nap over my head and Igrek asked Agata to scratch his chest, then he stood near her and started to yawn. It took about 20 minutes and was so much fun I couldn't believe it! Thank You so much for everything You do for us and for our horses. Best wishes Berenika

Have a great weekend, may the horse be with you! Be watchful of new horse and human sightings and be sure to have a great weekend! For the people in the Beyond the Waterhole Rituals workshop we will be sending you information on the class some time next week. Looking forward to meeting everyone!