Maestro’s Journey - Part I

Welcome To My Blog -To Get You Started!

The purpose of my blog is to make a connection with you, so we can explore and correspond with one another on the experiences we’re having with our horses in our life!

I also use the blog as a way, to educate, to raise consciousness, and for philosophical viewpoints that will lead to a better relationship with your horse; for training, partnering, and performance.

The blog is also here to help support people who are learning my method through the educational material I offer and the coaching that I share. Feel free to ask questions on horse behavior, pecking order, leadership, self-realization, meditation, and the training and performance of horses. I may choose your question and answer it today, or I may choose it for a blog topic for a later date. Of course I can’t answer everyone’s questions, but I will read all your comments and choose several questions to answer.

I look forward to dialoging on the subject of what creates a better connection with a horse. Enjoy!

Special Horse’s I had been looking for a special horse long before Stony had passed on. Stony has been gone now for about five years; still I had not found the horse I was looking for. Stony and I were together for 35 years. I had spent more time with him, than what most humans spend together who care about each other a lot. We enjoyed life to its fullest when we were together! At home, Stony and I were in our own Cavalia Theater, training, creating, and performing. It was always a dance in spontaneous precision. We shared a true cross species bond. I do believe that cross species bonds are deeper than bonds that we form within our own species!

I chose the ranch I have today so he could live out his life with me. I thought Stony and I had retired and hung up the dance of our youth. After Stony died, I continued looking for a horse that would give me that one more chance to develop a beautiful performance partner. I kept looking, and always felt there was one more horse I would find, that wanted the partnership and training as much as I wanted to train.

I had the pleasure of training Panadero for several years, but he was not my horse, so of course he moved on without getting to take him to the fullest of his potential. I finally gave up my hope for finding a magical connection like I had with Stony. Yes, I have Marchador and he is my best friend, but he does not have the drive to learn and perform that I am looking for. Marchador is not my dance partner, however he is my guru and he really, really likes me a lot in the same way I like him. We are happy to be in each others lives. The relationship is perfect as it is.

Finding Maestro

Just a little over a month ago, Shelly called me and said the words that perked up my ears, and lifted my spirits! She said, “I think I have found your horse.” I ran right over to see him and one look, feeling his energy, a few pats, and moving him around his paddock, I knew I finally found my match, next partner, student and teacher. I knew we could change hats together like old souls. His name was even right - Maestro, which means Master teacher or Guru in Italian. The only name to suit him better for me would be “My Heart.” I did not change his name, because it was a respectable and beautiful sounding name. I wish he could have met Stony. They would have liked each other from the start. My new 6-year-old stallion Maestro has been here now a month.

How I started my relationship with Maestro In his first month with me I mostly left him alone, except the times I dropped by to say hello a couple of times a day so we could get familiar with one another. Sometimes I would give him a leaf or two, from the fruitless mulberry trees. I did not want to give him a treat every time he saw me, because it could cause him to lose interest in me. Horses can even get mad at you if you treat them all the time. They will often times start to get impatient feeling that you are not getting the treat to them fast enough. Maestro was starting to head in that direction, so I had to stop giving him treats for a while so I could get him focused on me again. This way a true bond can continue to grow.

How I am Sharing Territory with Maestro The reason I did not start Sharing Territory from the beginning, I wanted to give him time to see his new digs and feel that it is his territory. So, when I started to Share Territory with him, he would not be distracted from the new sights, sounds and curiosities. If he had any form of depression, created from his move, he would be over that too. By waiting, he would be interested in me and see me as something he would like to get to know better. This way he can see me as a new element in his environment, which will cause him to become curious.

This last week I have been Sharing Territory, moving him around a little, and calling him to me. He responds well to companion walking, halt, and come, as if he wrote the book on the subject! But, wait a minute, he did write the book! Once a person gets a good grasp for the rituals, most horses will respond right from the start, like they were born to follow your lead. What is important to understand, is that they pick up the ability to dance with you easily, but you need to go slowly with the method no matter how well the horse allows you to direct him at liberty. You need to have a strong foundation for each ritual with your horse.

Take time getting to the liberty dance. You must be careful that your horse does not pick up the wrong attitude from being worked at liberty too early using the last ritual Liberty Dancing™. A bond and foundation must be in place and established. Your horse could feel pressure, and you would over look it because his performance seemed to be perfect. You need to Share Territory and the exercises that take place during the interactions that naturally occur. A little dancing is ok if you have a lot of knowledge of my method.

ASK AND IT IS GIVEN! There are many people saying, “Ask and it is given!”. The idea is that in having clear intentions and asking the universe for what you want, it will come to you. There seems to be two worlds going on at the same time on this subject. One, is the “Action Journey” when you take action and put in the effort to receive what it is that you want. The other one is you receive your dream from only asking the universe to give it to you and you put in no effort at all to receive what you want.

As you all know, I am looking for an apprentice and this is what I am asking for:

An excellent dressage trainer and competitor that would like to apprentice with me to learn my methods and techniques in coaching and training for dressage. I want to make a difference in the dressage world in how to approach and train a horse.

So there it is, I’ve put it out there!

Writing on this blog, I have invested in both worlds. One… making the effort to write my request, and the other, ask and it is given! I will keep you all updated!

Questions for my readers and students in the coming classes: If you care to answer today’s questions, I would love to hear from you and I am sure every one else would enjoy your response as well.

Today, the subject is on relationships! Notice I’m not talking about relationships with horses! The reason for this is that I really want you to focus on the idea of relationship, and to understand what makes a good relationship work. I feel a universal code of conduct is the same for horses as it is for humans.

Here are some questions for you:

1.What is a good relationship? 2.What do you do to keep a good relationship working? 3.What develops a good relationship? 4. What kind of leadership would you like to have in your life?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! May the horse be with you, and keep an eye out for new horse and human sightings!