Living in Carmel with my Horse Sunshine and Our Adventures Together

Chapter Eight - Living in Carmel and Big Sur with Sunshine big surLiving in Carmel with Sunshine were joyous years. In Carmel the land, trees, mountains, cliffs, flora and fauna, and the freedom and wildlife was the main focus for all who lived there. Everyone was sharing the moment together as one and that was what it was for both Sunshine and myself. Life unfolded like it was already written. It was a sweet supportive time in my history.

Sunshine and I were on picnics together every weekday. We walked together to the back of her field and I would pick a new spot in the forest to have our picnic. I would stop at a spot and feel if it was just the right spot, then continue on shopping the forest for another possible spot, until I found just the right one. I would do this as a routine to further Sunshine's training through maneuvering around the forest and practicing halt and staying put, which helped in building my leadership with her through our enjoyable adventures.

By this time I had taught Sunshine to carry our food on her back. Walking around in the forest and hanging out in different locations developed her patience to a point that she enjoyed our picnic adventures and would look at me when we stopped at a place to see if in fact I had found the right spot yet.

The relationship and bond we shared removed the need for training, but I chose the things we did together to evolve our relationship in the most natural way as my focus was on eventually riding her without tack or a neck rope.

CarolynNo matter what you are doing with your horse proper behavior needs to be maintained. A horse person needs to stay "on watch" that the training that is on your horse stays in place and the play that you enjoy has a purpose to build the training of the horse.  Another purpose of play can be to keep the relationship in a feeling of unity and harmony. It is important to maintain the optimistic nature of your horse.

I read on Facebook a post that said, "Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." It reminded me of the "baby steps" I wrote about in an earlier blog. Baby steps helped me to be able to prepare Sunshine for riding her at liberty without tack. During the days we spent together, I picked the things we did in order to bring about an ability to ride her. At this point in our training I knew that in a few days I would be riding her.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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