Lesson Opportunity

When I first got Apollo, I decided I wanted to see how a dog breeder would handle him to give him a bath. I wanted to see his behavior toward a bath so I would not make any mistakes and start a behavior in him that I was responsible for, that would develop a bad connection with him. I learned a lot. What I learned is that she talked to him with sweet tones every minute that she was bathing him helping him to feel secure. When he got too whiney and nervous the husband would come into the room and poke a finger into his rib cage and say “Settle down.” To my surprise, Apollo responded by settling down and the wife would then would go back to sweet talk. The husband's energy was on the muscle but calm and direct. They had a plan. One of the reasons it worked is that down deep inside them they knew it would. Because of this, it influenced my dog to accept his bath like they expected him to.

I learn by watching, reading, experiencing, practicing and the big one, evaluating. From evaluation, I can usually come up with a plan that leads me to the next better approach. But always doing something for the first time without a clue. I am very reticent to try unless driven by some spontaneous invite from some outside or inside influence.

Years ago when I was a child I remember when I was feeling perplexed about something, in regards to wanting to know secrets regarding how to develop a deeper understanding and connection with horses, that I hoped for some magic to occur. I wanted to find a book along the road to magically appear before me that had all the answers in it. It never happened.

When I wrote Naked Liberty this was the book I hoped to find. Naked Liberty revels all the knowledge of horse behavior, approaches to take, and how to go about training a horse from the organic experience. I want the book to open your mind in how to evaluate a situation and to come up with a working plan that will help you to put into practice your evaluation skills. It also offers a philosophy that is a great tool to guide you in how to approach a horse. When you reread my book, please look for the lessons it offers you; the do’s and don’ts in how to approach a horse using your influence.

Today I want you think about how you influence your horse and the evaluations that have benefited you. Read the chapter Dancing with Mustano and let me know what you learned from this story, why it was important to me and what I hoped you might gain from reading it.

Through my course you could take the opportunity to write your own book on the lessons you learn from my program. Writing them down is another opportunity to learn more. We could even think about publishing your book. It is easy to write a book; all you need do is write one or two pages a day with pictures and YouTube videos and in 6 months you have a book

If you submit a book, I will choose my favorite one and invite the winner to a free clinic with me from my ranch and try to get the book published and sell it on my sight. For everyone who submits manuscripts that I accept, I will offer a you a 10-day program package; $1500 for a group of 10. The package would include my Self Realization course along with the Waterhole Rituals course.

I will put all your stories together in another book to be published. It would be valuable to my students and to your own programs because of your focus, and your horse’s specific disposition, personality and history. It would also be of personal value to you as a keepsake and as a way to advertise your horse business.

What you do think?