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DSC01768The online program is on natural horse communication. Horse to human and human to horse. The class learns how to communication with a horse from a bonded trust in harmony and unity. In the class the student learns to build a relationship with a horse when the bond is shared between horse and human through the Waterhole Rituals at liberty while training him. What takes place in the moments of the bond is vital in how the relationship develops with a horse. The class is also focused on developing the student’s vibrations. Having the right vibrations will draw a horse to you magical and respectfully. When you have this kind of energetic awareness you understand how to use your body language to influence your horse to follow your lead. This part of the class is a journey in self-realization. Through self-realization one develops a deeper awareness and insight into how to connect and communicate with a horse; your body language will take on more meaning and cause your horse to follow your lead naturally.

I take each person, step by step, through the progressive levels of the Waterhole Rituals. The class learns how to how to be, and what to do, to be able to bring your horse's performance forward. Once you have gained this kind of understanding, everything you do with a horse will be achieved from your own insights in to how to relate to a horse in any given situation.

Carolyn and OsoHorses are social animals and much of their well being comes from the relationships they share with one another. These relationships and interactions open the door to trust and respect. Through these interactions bonds grow deeper and body language becomes highly developed to a point that a message can be sensed and understood from a shift in movement from the intent of the messenger.

Horses learn how to respect each others needs from social interactions. As a foal grows the elders shape the character of the foal to be in harmony with the herd he is living with. When a foal is born he is born with his own personality, just like humans are. What he experiences in his life plays a big part in how he sees the world. How he sees the world creates his understanding of life and how safe he feels in his environment and how considerate he is to other horses and humans.

When trust is gained from developing a bond the negative relationships you may have with a particular horse drops away and what is born out of this is a deep friendship and willing partnership.

From my years of watching how foals are raised in a herd, I created a program in how to develop a horse's character to fit in harmony with his handler and how a human may let a horse shape his or her behavior so a trusting partnership is born.  It is truly a 50/50 partnership where you learn how to develop a horse's desire to follow your lead.

In my online course I guide my students in how to win a partnership with their horse at liberty as the bond is being shared between horse and human by following seven horse rituals that are natural to horses. You can read bout them in my book Naked Liberty.

Photo by Ginny CarrMy Fall online course is starting on Oct 11th of this year. In the course you will learn how to use body language and where to be in relationship to your horse that will get you the response you would like and how to interact with a horse at liberty to keep the connection and willingness of the horse alive and growing. You will learn that negative behaviors can be handled effortlessly, easily, and naturally like magic. You will learn how a horse sees your relationship, who your horse is in relationship to his personality, and how to go about communicating with him to get the best results.

In this course you will learn about the true nature of horses and how to communicate with them so that your horse trusts you, respects you, and is willing to follow your lead. From this partnership you have formed with your horse whatever you are wanting to bring to your relationship, like further training of riding methods, will flow as if the horse has already read the book.

My interest is to develop your own style of leadership from following your own perspective in how you need to approach your horse in my program. Every other week we work together on what exercises would be easy to bring to your horse. My focus is to develop a horse at liberty in the most natural way from what is easy for you and what is easy for your horse. I look to grow the partnership in baby steps. This way you feel that you and your horse are in charge of the program and the learning.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn



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Please join us in an online adventure with your horse that will last a lifetime.


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