Leadership Responsibility - How do horses see you?

Today was Day One of the Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic.

For the next 8 days we will be developing more horsemanship skills to bring out the dance we would like to share with our horses.  I developed my school of learning because I saw that there was a learning opportunity not being offered to the equine world. Some things were not being taught like timing, leadership responsibility, understanding the nature of horses, noticing the individual personalities and working with the situation that exists in the present moment without forcing an unwilling horse to accept leadership.


Finding Empowerment Through Your Body Language

A person needs to develop a sure footedness in their direction and connection with horses. The way I go about this is by beginning with exercises working on assertiveness and sensitivity. Then we practice being supportive and finally move on to developing directive skills. From these exercises the student learns how to be flexible and gain more willingness from their horse. Through the practice of the Waterhole Rituals, the student develops a consistent ability to stay focused on the horse by keeping the connection alive and the horse motivated to keep the dance alive.

Begin with the Bond

The equestrian needs to bond with the horse, as step one. I want the bond to open up the TRUE self of the equestrian to meet the TRUE nature of the horse. It is important for my students to accept a horse as he is: good or bad, bored or fearful, mad or unconnected, and so on ... whatever, get fine with all of it - so that the real work can be done.

Pure acceptance empowers the student to find his or her instincts for leadership and to pave the way to a perfect approach in communicating. To accept and recognize the nature of a horse also helps the horse to find the bond you wish to share with him. When the bond is exercised and agreed upon, you can then take the time to shape the horse to accept human leadership quite naturally. For a human to accept the negative behavior of a horse, will bring out the willingness of a horse to be more compliant.

If we take the time to develop the right approach and attitude it creates a better human in you. Life becomes a precious journey built from relationships with all things. You will develop an ability to be happy with all relationships as they are. From there the world and horses can be your oyster.

Tomorrow the class assignment during Sharing Territory will be

How do horses see you?

What do you want from horses?

How do you operate with horses?

I invite you to share your thoughts and comments on these questions in the blog. Remember to watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you,