Journaling your horse training

Hello again. It's amazing to see how profoundly touched many of you have been by Margaret stories. In fact, I hope to publish some journals and stories of people's relationships with horses using my Method. Today's post is an example of this and so if you would like to see your work in a book, please send your entries to This is journal entry from Lori, who writes:

8-15-08 A Magical and Unexpected Experience

I worked with Ben today on the Waterhole Rituals. Since this was going to be the first time for Ben, I lunged him first to make sure that his energy level was low and that he was warmed up if he wanted to run around when I turned him loose. Then I took the lead rope off and took some hay into the center of the ring. He began to eat. I walked around the arena for a while and then sat down in the sand to watch him. Of all of the horses I have dealt with he was the most calm but alert at the same time. He would intently look to see where I was from time to time and stop eating.


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