It's Not Just About Horses...

Finding the still point within yourself opens the door in connecting with nature. This still point I am speaking of exists when you are able to communicate with horses and other animals. Connecting with animals and nature is gained from returning to an ability that is deep within all of us. Whatever the reason we are drawn to horses there is an opportunity to get back to our true nature because of this urge. The first step of my program Sharing Territory is all about this. Having a deep empathy is the first door in discovering your true nature. Knowing how to have an empathic interspecies connection allows life to present itself to us in a greater supportive way.

Anna Breytenbach shows us clearly in this video I am sharing with you what state of consciousness you need to have to access the connection to all living creatures. By watching her connection and communication with animals and seeing the changes that take place from her influence is mind altering. This connection is a supporting element to our future survival on this planet so we do not continue to tear it apart as many civilizations are doing. I believe it is the animal lovers and humanitarians that will lead man to his highest good and salvation.

You will see what I am taking about in the scenes of the people on the beach coming together to play a supportive element in a time that they really have no clear answers for.

From natural disasters, I have witnessed the best in human nature.  This I believe is a window into understanding how to bring the community of man to the next stage of his existence.

When you finish watching this film below (click on the link) please respond and offer your heart felt support to the evolutionary change we are seeking.


Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn