Isabeau You Are Always Remembered

Isabeau you are always remembered A very close friend of mine lost her mare Isabeau tonight very unexpectedly from a liver condition that sprang up over quickly. It is almost one in the morning as I am writing to you. It is never easy loosing a horse, nor is it easy to be a friend of someone that is suffering over a loss of a beloved mare.

Jeanette brought Isabel into this world and now she is gone at a very young age of 10.

Isabeau knew she was going. Isabeau never liked a spot that was at the far end of an area, and would avoid going to this place when turned loose to self-exercise. This place is where her mother died two years earlier. On her last day she wanted to go to the spot she had always avoided and laid down and passed away. Jeanette said that Isabeau was driven strongly to go to this spot this time without fear. In her last day on this earth, she stopped suffering and said good by to Jeanette in a touching ceremony and then left.

The other thing that was synchronistic is that I called my friend at the exact moment she passed to see how thing were going with Isabel. I had a funny feeling. I wished that I had checked in sooner.

Isabeau I will miss you but I also I feel you at my side and I hear you running in another dimension back to your mothers open arms. It was so good that you got to say Good Bye to Janette before you left us and that you were no longer in pain. It is odd that some of us have such a clear vision into the moments of departure as you did.

My tears flow like rivers for some reason that I cannot explain. These words have little meaning I suppose to you but it was very cathartic to me. They must have other importance past my need to write them. I have chosen to share Isabeau’s passing with you because another subject for the blog is not in me.

Have a great weekend. I will be keeping it real and Sharing Territory with a good friend. This weekend I will hug and hold all the ones I love. Oh how I love my mother and my dog Apollo and how lucky I am to have them and Liberty and Lad. I am planning on giving them all my attention.

And Isabeau I will hold a place for you in my heart. Good by my friend.