Is This Course for You? The Insider Circle Package- What it Includes, and the Purpose of the Program

ur third Insider Circle and Extended Circle classes are upon us! In this course, we will focus on how to develop a deep heart felt connection through your leadership activities by leaning how to dance with your horse at liberty in harmony and unity. Here is what you need for this program:

  • I want you to choose a horse that you have a good relationship with at liberty.
  • A good natured horse.
  • You can control your horse’s energy when necessary.
  • You can read your horse’s intentions and behavior easily.

In addition to these pre-requisites, it would be a benefit for you to be the kind of person that enjoys leadership, has a bit of a knack for leadership, and wants to develop it further.

The Purpose: The purpose of this online class is to offer an affordable convenient way to work directly with me. In this online school, you get to work with your horse when it is convenient. As an added benefit, you do not need to haul your horse anywhere, and you will have lots of people to meet that have the same interests!

Curriculum: You will learn how to use the Waterhole Rituals at liberty with my personal guidance. It is my way for me to connect with you and your horse from our communication online, as well as through conference calls twice monthly, the videos you send me that I analyze, and the library of videos of different individual horses I have stated with the Waterhole Rituals. They will give you a wealth of ideas in how you want to approach your horse.

The Learning Process Step by step- you will learn this special method in how to go about creating a perfect partner with a horse at liberty. In the course, I map out your journey in how to use the Waterhole Rituals with your particular horse. By approaching your horse in a timely fashion, you will get the full benefit of how to bring about a partnership that you would like to have with your horse. Since my method requires that your horse leads the way in how the relationship unfolds, I can coach you in your next step using the Waterhole Rituals in your leadership choice going forward.

Overview Communicating with your horse at liberty with the Waterhole Rituals returns a horse to his nature, and invites the horse to listen to his natural instincts to bond, to connect, and to follow. When a horse relies on his instincts and he feels safe, he will bond with humans naturally. Working at liberty with the Waterhole Rituals keeps you young and flexible in mind, body, and spirit. Working with horses at liberty, you are a student of the horse to learn the balance between care-taking leadership and directive leadership that a horse wants and needs.

I designed the levels of connection you share with your horse to evolve naturally to a higher level. You do not move on to a higher level until you and your horse are working well at the level you are at. This means some of you will advance through all of the Rituals, while some of you will stay working on the First Ritual. I believe that everyone will learn fully- no matter what level you finish the course at.

For many people, working with horses at liberty often brings out the inner ability to dance with horses in magical ways. What replaces tack is the dynamics of the bond between you and your horse, your intention and body language, and how comfortable you are with leadership. When you are alert to a horse’s ever changing attitude and feelings- you known better in how you want to shape a horse’s attitude and behavior.

The Value of Leadership Horses can be tuff, surprising, shy, willing, fun, and smart. When given their freedom, they speak their truth like my dog Apollo. When Apollo gets loose, he can get in all kinds of trouble and doesn’t look back, or doesn’t seem to care a hoot about me.

I do not enjoy training my dog. I got him to fill my need for companionship and a deep bond, and to share unconditional love. I do not want to be his warden. I do not want to ruin his good time, or be the one that is responsible for taking his freedom away. Sometimes I imagine him saying “Call the Humane Society! She only feeds me twice a day, gives me very little in between, and won’t share her food! She won’t even let me run through the stickers, and keeps me out of the street. She won’t let me run after big dogs, …the list is large!”

It seems that when I feel his suffering and cater to his needs he gets more unhappy and emotionally disturbed. But when I take on my job as his leader and say to him “Apollo, you are going to have to follow these rules” and when I take on a proper leadership role, he seems to become well adjusted. Sometimes I felt cold to his needs but the results in being firm were over whelming, and confirmed that indulging his needs was not the answer.

I came to the conclusion that I was letting my dog down by not taking on the role with my dog as I have with my horses. It is my job to shape his behavior, develop his coping skills and character, and give him lessons. When I do, he is a much happier dog.

I think that when people are afraid of loosing the bond with their horse from having to take on a leadership role, they may be slipping into the fix I was experiencing with Apollo by seeing the leadership as not a good thing when it is the most import thing a horse or dog wants and needs. Like Apollo, many times our horses try to tell us otherwise, but taking on the leadership role has always supported the health and well being of both my dog and horses.

I was thinking the other day about people that feel like they do not have the ability to advance their horse’s training at liberty. If put to training another animal, an animal they were not so bonded to, they would approach training with greater strength of leadership.

This summer I am going to go to dog school and take on my job as a dog trainer because my dog will love that I chose to be the leader he always wanted. He will learn lure coursing, swimming, and dancing.

Dominance Versus Leadership The thing to be clear about working with horses is to understand that dominate behavior is not leadership behavior. Dominate behavior is done with anger, self serving needs, and competition with no interest to connect. A dominate horse wants to fight and win. A lead horse wants to connect, create order, educate horses that need more social awareness, and keep his or her herd safe.

In the Journey of the Class In the classes that are coming up we can work out all these concerns in how to go about your personal journey in care taking and directive leadership. It is a journey based on the needs of the horse for our leadership, as well as to deal with your view point in what you feel is fair, just, and moral. It is a journey to believe in yourself enough to lead and be willing to make mistakes. In these struggles there is a dance that actually calls for trial and error to deepen the bond and to evolve the educational process for yourself and your horse. This is what relationships are built upon. When mistakes are made and admitted the dance mysteriously evolves to a higher level of connection with horses, always. I am again looking forward to another great Insider Circle and Extended Circle class hope to see you there! Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like! I may not be able to get to all of them, but I will try.

The Extended Circle has many of the benefits of the Insider Circle program, but with a few differences.  Extended Circle students receive access to all the print materials, calls, and videos just like the Insider Circle however they will not be able to submit videos for Video Coaching or ask questions directly to me during the Question Period of a call. As an Extended Circle member you can listen to all weekly calls and post questions which I may  addressed to the whole group during a call.  This is also an excellent way to learn my method, and by having these two options , it will allow you to tailor your learning of my method to best suit your needs.

May the Horse Be with You!