Insider Circle Progress

This is a note on how the Insider Circle is doing. I have read many of your stories and how many of you are having incredible experiences with your horses doing nothing… leading to something that could have never taken place if we had not be practicing the importance of the pause with the First Ritual, “Sharing Territory”. Some of you are going to be able to bring new discoveries to the horse world from your experiences being in this class. From these shared experiences, we will discover things that we did not know. From these shared experiences the world of horsemanship will advance and I will be learning new things as well. We are always in the experimentation of creating willing connections and growing friendships with horses if we are truly present in the moment and a true leader, healer and student. Everyday I am learning something more about horses.

The horses enjoy our company as much as we do theirs and when this happens the dance is really quite natural but it surely is not a race to the dry cleaners. Sharing territory in the pause of feeling connected, horses are more willing to bond with us right from the start to learn and work with us because it brings them a feeling of connection, well-being and companionship.

The amazing connection and results that some of you have been experiencing using the First Ritual have taken place because the student learned to wait until the horse starts the action. Waiting for this to happen is an amazing door opener to the magical partnership that springs forth. Though some of you in the class may not be having such amazing experiences and results and maybe feeling like you haven’t found your magic, it may just be the circumstances that you are in. Your horse may take longer to bond due to abuse or something he has to get over first or there may be challenges you deal with in the facility your horse lives that slow down the connection. It may be you can’t stop doing instead of just being with your horse. Whatever it is that is in the way will disappear if you keep going.

I just want to say, please believe you will reach a result that is profound. Maybe it will not happen for you from the First Ritual. Maybe it will come from carving a method out from my Method that serves you better than mine does. We all want to walk our own journey and my Method is to teach you how to do that.

Once you learn to trust the power of the pause things happen. Repeatedly sitting with horses once the bond is formed and we have shared many moments in companion energy, I find that I can jump into action and have a horse that dances with me and is consistent as if he has been trained.

I also want to address what companion energy is. It is a word I coined. It is metaphysical and scientific and relates to the study of quantum physics. It is tangible but you can’t touch it. It is tangible because it can be measured. It is a vibration.

Matter influences matter and vibration influences vibration. In matter, there is magnetic influence between two objects. It is the same with vibration. A connection occurs over time and becomes the same. When this happens, love, communication and trust are the outcome.

If you are creating all kinds of vibrations while sharing territory, you cannot connect as deeply. If you doing some activity with your horse like grooming or any shared interaction there is too much going on to have a cellular connection take place and mature. The rhythms and juices you have in your body need to match the rhythms and juices of your horse in moments of the pause in companionship. When this happens communication is instinctively understood by both of you.

To dance at liberty you need to have shared vibrations and energy to stay connected. The pause will bring you the knowledge and awareness you are looking to have.

Please share your experiences that are so heart warming and show the value of using the First Rituals in the comments sections below for all the blog readers and for those that need convincing or support to keep going. I am sure it will be very enlightening and encouraging, and bring more meaning to the importance of the First Ritual.

Enjoy your weekend, doing nothing, with your horse