In Loving Memory of My Mother, Paulina

In Loving Memory of My Mother Paulina and Carolyn

No woman has been loved by any other women as much as the love that my mother and I have had, and will continue to share beyond the end of time. My mother and I were and are so close that it is hard to figure that there were two of us. My mother lived in a state of joy - it was her nature and it became my nature.

My mother transcended on Monday the second of September at 5:35 am. I stayed with her until they picked her body up at 6:00 pm.

We had a service by her bedside with Teddie, Shelly, Janette and myself and several people came over to pay their respects. We had a Cherokee priest sing sacred songs of passing, Janette led a prayer of the Rosary and Shelly Martin read something she had written on the way of the Lakota people. I spoke about what my mother meant to me and how my mother guided me to live from my heart and to celebrate life fully and completely through my daily activities.

Paulina and Carolyn lunchMy mother was gentle, wise, loving, kind, easy to love and full of grace. She created beauty wherever she went. She loved to read biographies and she loved to cook. She was a vegetarian all of her life.  My mother made every day eating a special event that we shared together. For 25 years, when I was working at my job training horses in Sonoma, CA, my mother prepared my lunch with food that was put onto a plate with loving hands and many times was even grown on our ranch. Together we enjoyed keeping the house looking and feeling like a bed and breakfast. We created beautiful gardens together on our ranch and they were full of flowers exploding with colors of the seasons of Sonoma.

We saw, celebrated and tasted life to the fullest!

lunchI took pictures of the food and table settings often. We would eat together everyday in celebration of life and being together and admiring the master pieces that my mother had created. The best part of life for us was being together on the ranch, living life in our beautiful surroundings with my husband Michael, the cats, dogs, 30 horses and the other wild creatures in nature. We were a close family who enjoyed life together enjoying the seasons and what they had to offer. My mother’s connection with God was being in a state of grace each day. My mother loved her life in a Garden of Eden, never longing for anything more.

No matter where we are in body or soul, we are in holy grace from a deep love that I cannot explain.

Momma said I love you like your mother had said to you.

Carolyn and PaulinaPlease for me hug your mothers, fathers, bothers and children and feel this amazing grace that we all share and give to one another.

I have no more words to say at this time. I send all my love to you all. Take care, as life is short on this earth.

Thank you for your support, and continued support.  It is greatly appreciated!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn