Imagination, your True Path in Life with Horses and the Waterhole Rituals

IMG_1012Your imagination is a guidance system to find the path that is only yours. How do you know when you have found your true path?...

When you have found your path, you have a vitality and a natural magnetism that draws people to your work.  When you have found your true “path” it is so different from anyone else’s “path”, it is as unique as your own personal figure prints. When you find what sets you apart, makes you unique, you find your authentic self. All of us knowingly or unknowingly are in search of that, if we have not found it. When what sets you apart is sought out by your community and you have a burning desire to fill this need, this is your true path.

Finding your own uniqueness opens the door to your true gift that maybe you do not even know about right now. Your unique gift, I believe, has a meaningful purpose to help evolve the world by bringing more harmony to the planet. It certainly removes negative competition because no one else does what you offer, as good as you do.

Photo by Linda SalinasDefining your gift draws people to what it is that you have to offer.  Knowing your personal path will give you deeper meaning to your everyday experiences; your ups and downs in life have reason to them, they make sense, you can see the lessons within them. When you have found your path, your awareness and wisdom continue to grow and it helps you to keep you young and vital.  You feel healthy and have a feeling of being connected to all things, a connection that is present to all that surrounds you. It is the feeling of being in love with life.

When we all become working puzzle parts to one another from our uniqueness, where no one could fill your shoes, we will become more at peace. When we have reached this penuchle our empathy for one another will grow and wars will lessen and we will not be bumping into one another in ways that have no purpose to them and cause harm and less empathy.

I remember when I was growing up that in the summer time, when it was too hot to ride, I would pass the time by scrap booking. I would cut pictures out of magazines and glue them into a scrap book. The book was sold in the five and dime store for 65 cents. This was important that the book did not cost much because we could be very messy and quickly tear up magazines and glue whatever into them. After I had 5 books made I looked back at them and learned something about myself by what I had chosen.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerHorse training can be like that, we can look back and see ourselves more clearly when we learn to allow the horse to be in a free willing partnership with us and see that our influence created an optimistic attitude and a vitality for life and loyalty in our horse that we can depend upon.

It is amazing how much we do not know who we really are in our relationship to one another and how to serve the world and make a living in it at the same time.

From my own unique journey with horses I help others to find their authentic self and to help them to find their unique business from being a student of the Waterhole Rituals through my guidance. This is my greatest joy. I learned this art from my Dad. It was his gift that he passed on to me.

Erica & IzzyI enjoy helping others to find their own road map in how to live their life and to develop a business that is unique to them by partnering with horses through the Waterhole Rituals. From a person’s unique experiences with horses a map appears to them that reveals their true walk in life going forward whether it is getting back to something lost or finding some hidden knowingness that people desperately need their service.

This search of one’s true path is how I am helping Erica Dixon. Erica Dixon is here from the UK for a month working with the Waterhole Rituals and taking time to focus on how she is going forward in serving the horse community from her unique experiences over her lifetime with horses.

ericaWhat I have learned about Erica Dixon is that she has an in depth knowledge of energy work as a Homeopath and by working with many modalities and healers. Erica is now focused on balancing the connection between horses and humans in their relationships and the training of horses. Erica’s special interest here at my ranch has been on the Uberstriechen Exercises as it relates to energy work in balancing a horse to his rider. We are having a ball and so are the horses and magic is happening. Erica is a true student of life in the ways of the horse and is defining her unique gift and puzzle part in helping the horse community.  I hope everyone gets a chance to work with Erica and be touched by her talents.


I will be having a Webinar coming up that is going to be a lot of fun. It is a Webinar on how to play with your horses through using an Easter egg hunting game. There will be a video by Marygaye Lebouf and guidance from myself and Marygaye. You can write in after I post the video and I will choose 7 questions to answer on the Webinar as it relates to the training and communication with horses. We will take all the time that it takes on the Webinar to answer these questions. Please join us as this is going to be a lot of fun.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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