I'm so excited...!

Hi again. Yes, I'm very excited and I have to admit also very flattered that we now have a full class for the new Insider Circle Program, thank you for your trust in me and my Method. I know you are really going to have a great time and learn so much. The same goes for the large number of you who have joined the 'In a Box' Program too and I'm going to make sure I support you just as much as I can.

Now, we have had a number of questions from those wishing still to join and some from those who already have, so I thought it would be worth just covering those today for everyone's benefit.

"Now that the Insider Circle is full, what's the difference between that and the 'In a Box' Program?"

Good question and everything's exactly the same except for 2 items: - Only the Insider Circle participants get to participate live on the calls - I will only be doing video reviews for the Insider Circle folks Other than that, you get all the videos and CDs, all the same call recordings and most importantly you get to ask me your questions in the special Insider Circle Classroom on the site. As I mentioned on our call on Sunday, there is almost as much benefit in hearing about everyone else's experiences, struggles and triumphs as we all pretty much going through the same learning curve and come up against the same roadblocks.

You also get the benefit of the the special Insider Circle Club site, where you can mix and get to know all the other students from this year and last. Plus you can upload your photos and videos and chat and even blog about your experiences, it's a great place to hang out:

"Will you be running the Insider Circle and 'In a Box' Programs again this year?"

No. I definitely won't be running the Insider Circle and if we run the Box Program, it will be in a different format as it won't have my direct involvement.

"When are the calls going to take place?"

We're going to aim for Sundays at 10am Pacific and Mondays at 6pm Pacific starting 18th April and running 2-weekly after that.

"Will the calls be recorded?"

Yes, all calls will be recorded and available for online listening or download shortly afterwards

"I'm concerned about the cost of calling the US, what can you suggest?"

Mark has said that most countries have low-cost access numbers or calling cards. He also said you can even use Skype or Truphone if you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or similar device.

OK, that about wraps it up for today and I'll be back again on Thursday with a pre-class lesson for you. In the meantime, there is still time to sign up to the Box Program, just follow the link at the top of the page there.

Oh yes, nearly forgot. We had a great call on the Uberstreichen Exercises last Sunday and if you didn't manage to catch it, you can hear the replay here Uberstreichen Call.

And finally, we have received another lovely podcast reading, this time from Lori Keehr. Thank you Lori and please send us a little about yourself like Beth did on the Podcast Page and the same please to everyone else so we get to know each other better. Using Our Natural Instincts to Communicate [podcast]https://www.carolynresnickblog.com/podcasts/Using_our_Natural_Instincts_to_Communicate.mp3[/podcast]

Speak Thursday!