I’m not Proud of this Video on Horse Training

honeyI’m sharing this in hopes to make a difference and shed some light on how horses think, reason and process. The reason I find that this is important is that in the training of horses, for centuries, there is an attitude not to let a horse get away with something. It is thought that if you allow them to get away with something that it will become a negative response that the horse will hold onto. This isn’t the case. I have loved, lived and been with horses all of my life. The purpose was, and is, to look at them closely to get to know them deeply realizing that in my lifetime I will never completely figure them out. However, through my years of focus on this subject I have learned many things about them. My knowledge has separated me from the equine community in the standpoint of how to approach, train and bond with a horse.

I know this video isn’t very good because it was an "out-take". The reason it is an out-take is that it didn’t fit with what I want my students to do with their horses. The thing that is important is that Honey needed to be worked closer to the fence and I should have not allowed him to make the turns in the corners so far away. It wasn’t the path that I wanted him on. The other part of this was that I was doing serpentines that were truly unnoticeable. I did this exercise to put enough pressure on him so he might object like he did, that is what I wanted to share and I’m happy that I have this footage.

The thing I wanted everyone to notice here is that the reason Honey freaked out is that he felt the pressure of his lesson and shied at something that was unbeknownst to me. But this business of him shying would not have happened if I had put him in the right state of being before we started. After his freak out I did not respond to it in any way and because of that it was never an issue for him again. We’ve got to learn when we are working with horses to stay on the subject of the training, don’t lose your focus, allow outbursts and a horse will learn more rapidly.

This approach will also cause you to see life and others from a new perspective. What it will do is cause you to respond to a horse differently and the result you receive from this different response in many ways could be life changing. You will find more comfort and support in your life that you didn’t believe is truly there for you.

This is a short blog but nevertheless I hope it has some meaning for you.

Watch out for new horse and human sightings and maybe that new human sighting will be you. May the horse be with you.