Humble Beginnings with Horses

I wrote my book Naked Liberty to provide the missing link in all training methods, including my own. That missing link is what the individual horse and individual human bring to the table. We must consider the horse as an individual. All relationships in life require this knowledge of one another, if the relationship is going to be harmonious and supportive. An important ingredient to the missing link that is needed for a method of training to work for us is to understand the social order and the bonding needs of horses. And to be able to respond to a horse in a way that will bring about a better connection. It is important to be aware of how horses influence us to be a better version of ourselves. A Show of Contrast Between Energies That Appear the Same I remember a man came to my ranch that was full of love. He was about 80 years old or older. The horses gathered around him like they had found their soul mate and they had. This man was my healer’s father. I had always admired Behrooz’s father. I felt he had every aspect I would like to have in a husband: kind, aware, and fascinated with nature to his bones. His energy caused me to feel at peace. In his company, I had a strong awareness of the healing effect that source energy provides. I was completely humble, willing, and respectful in his presence. I liked myself better when I was with him, and had a desire to be a better person in his presence. When I had to wait for my appointments to see Behrooz, and his father was there, I did not mind how long I had to sit in the waiting room for Behrooz because this old man’s energy relaxed me and caused me to love him to the depths of my soul. He was magnetic. I had a great respect, appreciation and understanding for who he was.

I think this is what the horses felt when Behrooz brought him to my ranch to visit the them.

Here is a photo of Behrooz and his father and myself.

I had another person years ago who came to my ranch that was a deeply loving and caring person who practiced yoga. He was a yoga instructor and practiced meditation very much on the same path that Behrooz, his father, and myself were on- but the horses were not drawn to him. They were aggresive to the point of biting, which is something that my horses just don't do. It did not make sense at the time. The problem was his energy was not yet settled. Way deep down inside of him was a large anger for what was wrong with people in general. People did not live up to his standards. He was not humble. Horses are people too, so they were able to read his energy right off and did not trust him. They were repelled.

There are all kinds of ways to love. Some ways bring harmony and unity, and deep lasting bonds, and others that create disaster and all kinds of relationships in between.

The Dynamics of Personalities Methods of horse training can work and not work by what the individual brings to the table, and how the two energies respond to one another caused by their personality type. Understanding the dynamics that is required to create a connection can help you in your choices in how to approach different personalities of horses, and in your response and in your leadership interactions.

Three Important Elements for Connection with Horses We have three ways to influence a horse: through in our response, or through our leadership, and through our alignment with source energy. When we are aligned and feel the connection that we share with everything, it improves our approach in our leadership and response. When we are aligned with source energy, we have a hand that guides us to approach a horse with more skill than we have when the alignment is not present. My book brings awareness for the appreciation and love of nature that creates this alignment. When we are aligned a horse is more prone to be optimistic and respectful in our presence.

There Is A Wheel… We must understand the wheel of connection. It is like jumping rope, we have got to match the rhythm of the rope to step inside. Connection is like that. There is an ever turning wheel that we need to fit into. We have got to know where we are in the process of communication with the ones we love. When we do not know when to listen, respond, and lead, communication is difficult.

This Is The Formula Of How to Enter the Wheel of Connection for Communication to Be Harmonious In the beginning, it is important to put yourself in a state of joy before you respond and communicate. When you are in a state of joy and in alignment, you naturally want to connect with your horse. Your want creates a feeling. Listening to your feeling when you communicate with a horse, you naturally project. When you project, you become, and your horse sees who you are. When you become, you interact. When you interact, you care. When you care, you perceive. When you perceive, you naturally want to perfect. When you perfect, you expand. When you expand, you emerge. When you emerge, you have found your authentic self. And this is what horses bring to our personal empowerment.

CLINIC ANNOUNCEMENT: The focus of the winter workshop “Beyond the Waterhole Rituals- Taking the Rituals Forward” here at my ranch will be on self realization through horses. This year, we will be working with a much larger group of horses from my ranch and other facilities in the San Diego area. Focus will be on our approach with different temperaments, personalities, and backgrounds to get to know the true individual.

This class is only open to the Insider Circle and Extended Circle students. There is a limit of 10 people so that we can really expand our personal growth. Registration will be open this Thursday. The dates of the clinic will be December 1-8, 2011.

May the Horse Be with You! Carolyn