Humans Connecting in Friendship – The Waterhole Rituals in Action

I just received a video from Lila Harding that she thought I would enjoy. Lila is one of my suggested instructors on my method as well as a working student. She wrote in her email that it was a video of the Waterhole Rituals™ being done with people rather than horses. I know you will all enjoy it. I wish it was longer, it is about 14 minutes long- but I could have watched for an hour or two more. Seldom are we able to witness such moments of adventure and acts of sharing. You will see the Hello Ritual™ in its fullest power, and get a deeper meaning to what this Ritual provides to the understanding and bond that it brings to the relationships that we form.

Please Click on the link below to see the video.

Tribe Meets White Man for the First Time

Relationships are gentle things that need a lot of attention.

Stepping back for a moment to think about what a horse is feeling allows the connection to form between you and your horse when you go to him and need him to provide a service for you. It is hard to understand that for a horse to connect with humans, it is a lot different for them than for us. Because we feel so much connection and desire for his company, we really do not grasp how far the journey is for him to truly connect with us. For horses, the journey must be as great an emotional trip as it was for these people of the jungle to experience strangers from a different culture and modern times that they know nothing about.

The connection that we expect a horse to have with us is not reasonable to a horse. In this video, you can see how important the Hello Ritual is and how important it is for the people of the jungle to have the ability to touch modern man to be able to feel a sense of understanding and trust. They did not look to be touched themselves for encouragement. This is why the first Ritual- Sharing Territory- helps a horse to gain the kind of trust he needs. In this Ritual, the horse gets the opportunity to touch us and connect with us without us touching him. Rather than the old school of training a horse, where he is gentled by tying him up and showing him through beating him softly with something soft that we will not hurt him. Can you even imagine what would happen if we tried to do this with these people of the jungle and how they would feel about us? Whatever that feeling is- it is not good. The horse must submit. And people wonder why there is a big gap between our culture and the horse’s and why he is shying all over the place when we ride him and on the ground.

The Universal Way

There is a universal way of behavior that creates order, peace, harmony, and a desire for others to support our dreams and goals. We must have some common sense in how we choose to communicate, and to know how to approach our interactions with others. I believe that to really focus on how to approach a horse at liberty shows us the guidelines for the path we need to travel to bring out our personal power and appreciation of others-and from the appreciation of others causes them to help us achieve our goals. Horses bring out our empathy that we need to have to see the path we need to take to bring peace and harmony with others and ourselves.

If all we are interested in doing is dancing with a horse at liberty and experiencing a magical ride without tack, what will be discovered is the great peace within us and a desire and understanding in how to communicate with all beings. From this heightened awareness, you can make changes in the world that you have no idea that you would take on until you have reached this kind of awareness.

What you will discover may be the purpose of your walk on this earth or simply to know your authentic self. A rose did not need to know why, in order to bloom. But oh! How a rose has taken a part in our history to bring people to a deep sense of connection, unity, and humility just to gaze into its magic. The smallest reward to be gained from working with horses at liberty is that it will bring you challenges, well-being, a sense of purpose and eye opening knowledge in how relationships with horses brings out the best part of ourselves. 

May the Horse be with You!


P.S. Watching this video, pay special attention to the body language the indigenous people use to communicate- It truly is a universal language!

Thank You Lila from the bottom of my heart!