How to be your own horse whisperer - part 3

Connection is a two way street. To truly get along with a horse in shared partnership activities we need to have the social leadership skills. If we can keep adjusting our leadership to be more flexible, understandable, and intelligent the horse is more willing to form a loyal partnership and put a great effort into his performance. It’s all about being present in the moment and fully awake and knowing exactly what to ask a horse to do that starts the dance, backed with the belief that your horse will perform and then letting the horse perform without holding him to it. A good equestrian rule to follow is that force and resistance should almost never be met by force in the training of a horse. When you lose the dance you make the connection back rather than using pressure. Slowing things down gets rid of the need to force. You can make a strong demand without force when the horse feels responsible and knows the rules. Horse love rules and boundaries and even enjoy having them enforced. The most important part about enforcing a rule to a horse is to use proper timing and attitude.


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