How To Be A Leader With Your Horse

Hello. It appears that some of you were a bit confused by the email blast that came out at the weekend announcing a new blog post. Mark asked me to write a quick note explaining that his tech guy was working on some testing and posted something in the wrong place, which triggered the email. When he realized what had happened, Mark deleted the post which is why when some of you tried the link in the email, it didn't work. Anyway, nothing to worry about and hope that explains it. However, what they were testing was a new video player using one of the Insider Circle videos and it kind of turned out to be a happy accident. What happened was that some people who weren't in the class clicked the the link and watched the video before it disappeared. This produced a bunch of comments saying how much they enjoyed seeing me at work and learning the Waterhole Rituals almost first-hand.

So we thought it would be a nice idea to put the video back up so that you can get chance to watch it if you didn't already do so. This is the very first video in a long series with the mare in the video, Marilyn. During the course of the series, we see how Marilyn's behavior changes and develops with the Waterhole Rituals, it's a fascinating journey as the Insider Circle people will tell you.

If you've not seen the video before, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below. If you were part of the Insider Circle class, maybe you can share some of the changes you noticed in your horse as we progressed through the Rituals so people can see what's possible.

Enjoy the video and talk to you on Thursday.