Horses with Music in the Hot Summer

The Weather here is Hot, or better said, it’s Sweltering! Carolyn at the Computer Today I have a moment to write to you and I want to let you know how grateful I am that all of you care about reading my blog. I am really enjoying training the horses for the Bit-less program. It is allot different training the horses for this program than for the Waterhole Ritual online spring and fall courses.The Waterhole Rituals classes are more focused on the social development of the horse, the friendship, the communication and the ability to interact with a horse in a flowing respectful manner. All of which are important qualities to have with your horse when training and riding.

An Important Element Needed to Learn my Method

As I reflect back on where I am today with the courses that I offer, I find an important element that needs to be addressed at this time on the subject of my Method.No one should consider learning my Method that does not have a strong background in handling horses, on the ground and from the saddle, successfully. The reason why I say this is that you do not want to misjudge what your horse is feeling.There are so many things that could go wrong if you do not have any experience handling horses. It is important to know what you are doing when you are working with a horse at Liberty. A horse is stronger and more independent at Liberty and he is much quicker to react to your leadership.

Paulina and Carolyn You also need to have a natural ability for leadership and a drive for self preservation. I have recently noticed that there are people teaching my method to students who are not qualified to be working horses using my Method.The ingredients to being successful with my Method comes from what you already, personally, know about horses and your natural abilities.

Today at the Ranch

Right now, as I am writing to you, my mother is at my side. We are listening to Pandora radio and selecting music that lifts our spirits. I am actually typing to you with the rhythm of the music and talking to my mother about which tunes she remembers and which ones we like. Today we are feeling our youth and reconnecting our hearts.When it is this hot in California I do not work the horses. I am here at the computer keeping up with the classroom, writing blogs and enjoying time with my mother at my side. Paulina and I are keeping the “now” alive through our ever growing relationship and sharing with one another, day by day, what we can.

Here is an update on Paulina's Health -

The Gift of Music

I read somewhere that listening to music from your youth causes your body to repair itself and it helps your body function in a younger way. Discovering this caused me to remember a student years ago named Bettylou Hutton.

Bettylou was an excellent horsewoman who rode dressage. She came to me because she could not ride anymore and she wanted to continue her beautiful connection with her horses, which had filled her heart all of her life. Bettylou appeared to be around 75 or older. When she came to me she was fragile and could not get around very well. I thought I was going to have to get more creative than usual in order to give her a feeling of doing something with her horse because she could hardly get around, much less direct a horse from the ground.

When we began our lessons Betterlou watched me for sometime while I talked to her about my Method and worked horses in front of her at Liberty. She sat on a platform that was about 4 feet off the ground. It was a viewing platform that allowed her to look over the solid walls of my covered arena. It took her all she had to climb the stairs to the platform. Her body was stiff and brittle.

I remember thinking that she was quite special to want to take on such a task as to want to dance with horses at Liberty, since she could hardly walk. I admired her fortitude and I loved her heart. She knew horses and she saw dressage in all that she did. She loved music and we played the music that she remembered from her youth, and from that magic happened. In a short time Betty Lou was running up those stairs and dancing with her horse, better than I can now. She was like a limber young woman.

However, she had something over other young women. Bettylou knew and loved horses from such a heart-felt depth that it broke through the veil of separation. She wound up being able to dance with her horse to music and this sight would warm your heart and bring you to tears, she was really good at it! The experience of dancing with her horse to music that she had listened to when she was young gave her the fountain of youth.

Here is a video about Bettylou.

In the early mornings here in Escondido it is cool enough to train my horses for the Bit-Less Program that I just started. My mother, Teddie, my dog Apollo and Teddie’s cats listen to music while doing videos for all of you that are in my class. This is a great summer here at Stonehenge Arabians/Dances with Horses in Escondido, California because Teddie is living on the ranch and we are having so much fun.

Memories the "Oldies but Goodies" Brought Up

Listening to the oldies but goodies brought back a time when I was boy crazy and reminded me of my first boyfriend. His name was Tommy Carolson. He wore his hair in a style that was called a duck tail. It told me he was special. He wore his jeans low and it was so cool. He was my James Dean.

He smelled like Camel cigarettes and he was interested in “me”. We spent all summer on a horse ranch together. I was winning shows in trail and western pleasure classes. On the weekends, when I did not have a show and Tommy did not have to work, Tommy and I sat on the couch together just enjoying each others company. Being together and listening to music was all either of us wanted. He was kind and respectful. When I think back, the part I liked best was sharing the music and wanting to be together in the hot summertime. The necking was really good too!

The hormones have taken a back seat for now, but I am still able to bring back those memorable moments, even today.Being in the “now” with my mother, who just wants my company and enjoys listening to music with me brings the dance alive in my soul and these memories of well being. It is strange how life changes and in a way stays the same. The trick is to enjoy what you can.

As my Dad told me, “Life is a feeling, so pick a good one!!” It is not always easy to do that but the alternative is much, much harder. Like in country lyrics, when there is a pain in your heart and you lift yourself over it, the joy is oh, so much sweeter.

I hope you enjoyed the music videos we put on today’s blog. Let me know some of your fondest memories that were attached to music.

If you are new to my blog and have any questions about the courses I offer I am happy to answer them. You can place them in the comments section below.