Horses Understand Healers - It's Instinctual

My New HorseToday, I am busy with my new horse. His name is Honey. I got him to be a teacher for my programs here at my ranch. I was looking for a horse that was easy for people to do companion walking and all the other programs that need to be practiced with a horse that is basically easy and willing like Rosalie. Honey needs to be trained and will learn fast because of his nature.

I chose him, because I liked him as soon as I saw him. I knew I wanted to get to know him better. His eyes looked like the eyes of an enquirer and a horse that is looking for more knowledge. I could see he had a mind that was really present to the moment and that nothing got past him without his awareness. I could see that he was a happy horse. He is a dominant horse and does not mind a good tussle that causes him to get minor battle scars that he is quite proud of. He is good with people, likes treats a little too much, just like his mom - me. When I decided to keep him, I promised to bring him a better environment in our future. Because I am only on 3 and ½ acres I need more land with beautiful pathways and a waterhole where horses can play and have fun. I want him to be in a herd of horses he likes and to live around a waterhole, with paths in nature, where we can all walk together for companionship and to celebrate life using nature as my classroom.

Nature’s Code of Conduct We will have a place where he can roam around and visit students; a place where students can intermingle with horses in nature and learn all about them as I have done, in the most natural way. My programs use a code of conduct that is nature’s code, as well as, the code that creates harmony and unity in wild horses in nature. This code allows for relationships to mature, grow and dance. Conduct is an amazing thing in how we understand each other and it creates life connections that we can depend upon.

Right Now I have a Healer at my ranch- Ruby Morgan Rudy Morgan is learning the Waterhole Rituals as a working student in an apprenticeship. I work with a lot of healers and body workers along with horse trainers and riders.

Ruby Morgan is an amazing woman that works with First Nations bringing Traditional Health Governance to the fore-front, along with Reiki and Iridology. The reason I am writing about her is that she works with this code of conduct that I want people to learn about, through the practice of my Waterhole Rituals, when she is doing her examinations.

Watching Ruby read a horse’s eyes is watching magic! As everyone knows my horses, for the most part, are not push overs and can be very resistant with strangers. In Ruby’s hands, in her examination of their eyes, they cooperate as if they are receiving something very special and of course they are. But it is really hard to understand, as she brings their head down a bit and needs them to stand very still. She moves in on the horses head, shining a bright light into their eyes at all different angles, in order to see what is happening. We will have a YouTube of her work here on my ranch. This Iridology is an amazing tool.  To view the YouTube... Ruby Morgan - Iridology

Ruby is doing Iridology with all my horses and will put them on a nutritional and herbal program to help my horse’s spirits, emotions and health. Eyes are the window of the soul. I have made a study of eyes all my life. I look at a horse’s eyes and try to remember their character and then match it to the experience I have shared with them. My first study of eyes began when I as about 12 and lasted over many years. At shows I would go and look into the eyes of the horses that won the class. My study paid off for me in my choice of horses that I brought into my life and into the competition world. Horses that enjoy winning and are champions have a look that I began to recognize. When horses came into training I would study their eyes and watch how much they have changed over the months. They would change so much that some times their original owner could not even recognize them.

The Eye Contact Ritual Eyes are so important, that one of my rituals is about communicating with horses through their eyes. The more a horse will look at you, the more he will accept you into his world. I have been cured by healers that have diagnosed a condition through studying my eyes. I had a gal bladder problem that was affecting my liver and regular medicine could not diagnose it or cure it. I was put on good food, mediation and natural herbs that supported my immune system as my cure. Ruby is doing this for my horses and I am so happy that they are going to get the care they need. I will let you know how it works out for me.

Ruby is working with Honey as her project horse as well as Marchador, Maestro and even Lad. She is also working with Liberty and two other new comers, Jazz and Apollo. Jazz and Apollo are father and son and are Teddie’s horses. I like to have new horses here so my students can experience different personalities and different levels of training.

We are all having a good time and would like to hear from you as to what you are doing in your programs as will as in your dreams. If you would like to help your horses out with a diagnosis and nutrition, you can contact Ruby at

Here's a little about Ruby Morgan... I am from the Gitxsan nation (Gitwangak). My name is Luhissyee, my clan Gitwangak Ganada.

For the first part of my life, due to work, my family moved around a lot. We finally moved to a section (365 acres) of property that was quite isolated and without electricity and running water. It was were I was allowed to roam free with my dogs and horses. My Dad brought horses back from auctions and we always had a handful. The land varied from forests; where they could find mushrooms, rose hips and wild cranberries to marshes and prime river bottom fields which provided a large variety of minerals, herbs and grasses. The river provided fresh clean drinking water. Thankfully, my horses were never really sick or became injured, as we could never have afforded the vet to come out. We had to “fix” things with common sense and any advise we could find.

It was only when I moved to Toronto Canada and was working with a wonderful, inspiring Veterinarian named Sharon Kopinack, researching the Iridology charts for horses and dogs, that I realized how many illness' a horse or dog could get.

My approach is similar to Carolyn’s in that I acknowledge the strengths, supporting and strengthening the weaknesses, thereby avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and illness'. I look to a free-range diet where horses are using their instinctual knowledge about nutritional needs so they have strong feet, shiny coats and are mentally strong.

Horses on a free range eat different herbs, grasses and minerals throughout the changing seasons. Spring brings about herbs that provide cleansing with summer lush grasses. Fall brings strong supporting food sources to prepare for the cold winter. Winter range land provides sustenance in the strangest of places, for instance the protein, vitamins and minerals found in trees, bark and willows. Over the years, by Sharing Territory, I have watched my horses eat rose hips, wild cranberries, seek out and eat mushrooms, mints and many other different types of grasses and herbs. Although I have a good working knowledge of herbs and nutrition, I work with a master herbalist, Loryhl Davies, I prefer to work as part of a team of specialists headed up by a Veterinarian. I always prefer to feed a natural, organic plant-based diet to horses, as this is what they evolved from. However, there are exceptions in some rare instances. In nature horses do not find chemical binders, preservatives, synthetic vitamins/minerals, refined sugars or liquid oils. I believe that by combining herbs, proper nutrition and the Water Hole Rituals, allows an ill or abused horse to sustain healing and become a dramatically healthier, vibrant animal in the long term.

The Waterhole Rituals bring the herd to a better place physiologically, whether they are in a paddock or on a free range. A horse that is broken down by abuse and fear, causing illness and dysfunction, creates a nasty cycle. For example; minerals are needed to support the nerves, if the horse is constantly under stress, it not only effects the nervous system but also the digestive system. By supporting a horse through diet, herbs and physically and mentally with the Waterhole rituals, the road to recovery is practical and makes sense to both horse and human. Horses gravitate to healing in a way that humans should inspire to. Nothing will stand in the way of the animals will to heal. I have reached more people regarding their own health after working with their horses and dogs. As the animals become vibrant and healthy, the owners realize that something has been missing from their lives as well and usually consult with me.

Learning from such an inspiring woman such as Carolyn Resnick has changed my life dramatically over the past year. Through hardship and now having the most wondrous opportunity to stay and study with her over the past month and a half has brought much change and joy into my life!

Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you. Warmly, Carolyn