Horse training takes time... or does it?

Hello, hope you had a good weekend. Well, I have just got back in today from training a horse by the name of Marchadero (not Panadero - see comment 6 below). I was thinking about him after our session and I could not believe how far we have come together. It has been so exciting working with him through the Waterhole Rituals. Today, we were working on the last Ritual, which is Go Trot and Come Up. What you want here is that you send your horse off and he runs away at top speed and then you call him back and he turns around and runs back as fast as he left. This is what I got today with Marchador. It was absolutely brilliant. He did it three times straight on his own. I did not ask for a fourth time. I was thrilled where his at this time in his life and the training he has done so far.


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