Horse Training at Liberty with The Carolyn Resnick Method

If this is your first visit welcome and thank you for visiting my blog. I want to explain to you the purpose of my method and my blog. I hope that my long time readers may also get some benefit from me defining my purpose and history yet again. Each time I write a description of the purpose of the blog and the history of my method I think that I add yet another perspective that might be important to you in some way.

How I Developed My Method

I developed my Waterhole Rituals Method by watching cohesive bands of horses in nature interacting together around water sources and how they raised their young, developing bonds, and how they made their daily social adjustments through rules that they follow regarding pecking order. I also learned how they develop their ranks through daily rituals. These rituals are the rituals that I teach in my method.

Early on I learned that their pecking order was not a survival of the fittest but rather a way to have clear ranks for the purpose of survival and to create harmony and unity. I found that lead horses were not the strongest or the most dominant. Bringing this information to the public eye I felt was important for the horse world. It is my contribution to the horse world and what I want to be remembered for.

When I Started Sharing the News about Lead Horse and Dominant Horse Behavior Being Different

Since 1978, I brought this information to people through my clinics by giving tours across the US, my DVDs, my book Naked Liberty, and my programs from my ranch in Escondido, Ca. and now from my blog. I am pleased to see that what I have been sharing about herd behavior, pecking order and the difference between dominant behavior and lead horse behavior has become accepted and has helped horses and humans to get along better. I believe this news is the most important piece of the puzzle in gaining a working bond with horses.

I discovered that the lead horse was not self serving.  A dominant horse is all about holding the highest rank he can and is very self serving in general.  The lead horse is focused on the well being of his band.  A dominate horse can become a lead horse but when that happens he starts to learn that being dominant and self serving will drive his band away to go join other herd. He must change his ways. He learns that in order to keep the peace and the loyalty of his band he must become a care taker to keep the peace, order and harmony. I know that there are bands that are not harmonious, but in time they will be. If this is not the case, humans have played a part in their upset or their resources are not in balance with the needs of the herd community.  What I like about my method is that the leadership of the human can not come from a dominant approach; he learns like the dominant horse, he must use care taking leadership to keep the willingness of his herd.


The Freedom at Liberty to Escape - Brings on the Magic!

Working with my method, giving a horse freedom at liberty to escape his training and to break the connection, gives a clear advantage to a horse being able to choose when he would like to relate to a human. This causes a horse to participate with humans more willingly and develops a strong desire to learn and perform. It brings out a horse that is nothing like what the equine world is familiar with.  From the horse’s ability to stop the influence of his human partner puts a clear understanding where your priority needs to be to be able to have a true partnership with a horse and to be able to train a horse with ease.

In general, humans learn that horses have amazing intelligence and work ethic without having to learn that he, the horse, must do what he is told because his human counterpart is stronger.  You can read a horse much more clearly when the horse is free to respond or not. Relating with a horse by giving him freedom to stop your influence, your natural guidance system comes into play and your approach begins to be more suited to your horse. Being equipped with the Rituals gives you a path that will bring about a language and loyalty that is needed for the training of horses.

Developing a Bond with Horses

When I first tried to communicate with a horse using the process in how horses develop a bond, horses worked for me like magic. I could see that anyone was going to be able to experience the same thing I did. I could not wait to share what I had discovered with the world.  Right off, the horses responded to me better than they did with one another. I found that from my connection I had developed with horses, using their rituals was the missing link to the ease of training a horse. Training was more of a conversation with the horse explaining what I wanted him to do and the horse understanding me easily and wanting to follow my directions.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It takes some practice for a person to learn how to communicate and train with my method much longer than for a horse.  The reason it was so easy for me was created from the years of observation I had under my belt. It had nothing to do with my special ability.

In a few months, from my personal guidance, you can learn how to connect and create a working partnership with horses that took me years to learn. I am amazed at what I have been able to teach in my three day private clinics. I find that a person in three days is able to connect with a horse and develop a working partnership with my method. I also like to spend some time with a student in how to analyze what a horse is thinking and to read a horse’s personality by offering many kinds of types of individuals. After getting a foundation of the method my students can further develop their education and continue on to advance their skills for liberty dancing, to training horses for bridless riding and dressage training without spurs or whips. It is amazing what you can do bit by bit, pardon the pun, and I am here to support you on your journey.

I would like it if my program would become so interesting to you that you would be willing to take the time to learn how to ride a horse from the practice of these rituals.

I would also like it if my blog is helping you on your personal journey for self discovery through the training, communication, and bonding with horses.  I would like it if your life would have more meaning from becoming an amazing horse communicator and trainer from my guidance.

It’s Not Enough

I see many people happy with the little they get from by blog, book and DVDs. I am happy they have offered so much guidance but frankly it is not enough!

To really connect with a horse, as I'd like you to, you need to experience direct guidance with me from the rest of my programs; whether it be the online courses, clinics at my ranch, phone coaching or apprenticeship programs. My school is a self-realization horse training program that focuses on meditation, social development, training, and dancing with horses. It is a companionship process that connects to very heart of the horse.

Have a great weekend. Watch out for new horse and human sightings. May the horse be with you!



Example of Care Taking Leadership in Nature.  It's not just a dog eat dog world afterall: