Horse not paying attention

Time for another question. This one is from Alexandra who wrote to me from Germany. I read about you in the german magazine "Cavallo", then I bought your book " Tochter der Mustangs ". I am very enthusiastic about the way you work with horses. I own an arabian horse mare, she is 17 years old. I am scared to do anything wrong, so I often do things, she wants to do. If she wants to graze, I let her graze. If we go for a walk, she always overtakes me. I can wave my whip or the knot, she slows down for a moment, then she overtakes me again. She doesn`t pay any attention to me... I am looking forward to your answer very much!!


Dear Alexandra,

My advice for now is stop letting her decide her direction. Ask her to stand at your side and wait till she relaxes. When she is relaxed, begin walking in a direction of your choice and not hers. The minute she wants to be in charge and tries to pass you, stop and lead her back to the spot where she stood quietly and wait till she settles, then begin again. This spot she learns to relax on will increase its influence over her as well as sober her up in general. You then can build power spots on new locations.


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