Herd Dynamics in Action

Hi. By taking the time to learn the Waterhole Rituals and their origins, you will be able to observe horse interactions with a much deeper understanding and insight. What previously seemed like unruly or strange behavior will suddenly start to make perfect sense as you watch the rituals unfolding before your eyes. Of course, this doesn't just happen one time, it's a continuous ongoing process and horses are always testing the limits around them. Today I would like to share a letter with you from one of my regular blog readers, who witnessed herd dynamics and rituals at work when she introduced her new horse to her herd. It's wonderful that she was able to witness it and take pictures for us. Thank you.

If any of you know that you have a new introduction coming up, I encourage you to make some time to watch the process and see if you can pick out what's happening and how it mixes up the pecking order. If you can take some video of it all, I would love to see it and I'm sure we would all learn from it immensely, so I look forward to hearing of your experiences.

Till next week, keep watching, in my opinion, the best reality TV show in town - herd dynamics in action!


Hey Carolyn

I'm on a new computer, so hoping this is you email address. I read in Naked Liberty how a new horse to the herd must allow all the members of the herd to follow him or her. It's leading from behind, a dominate thing, Once the new horse allows this, he hopefully is welcomed and then he can begin his climb up the ladder of the herd.

I introduced my new horse, Gunner to the herd and watched as it all unfolded. Gunner allowed everyone to follow, and then began negotiating with Hawk, who is bottom of the herd.

It was amazing, and wonderful, and I understood everything that happened because of you. I took pictures! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for all your advice

Deborah Johnson