Harmony, trust and being in the moment

When I look back on my experience with the wild horses, what it meant to me then and what it means to me now, I realize I have never lost sight of the importance of horses and the natural environment. Horses have impacted our lives throughout history, and nature promotes their well-being through the harmony of diversity. I appreciate life and wait to be in harmony with my environment before I act. To know horses as deeply as I know them comes from my understanding of harmony. Harmony is not made, it is found. Harmony in nature is the most trusted element in life and is the basis of the success I share with horses.

Humans honor intelligence. We spend time thinking. Horses honor instinct. They spend time being in the moment.

Working with horses is one way people can learn to be here now and get in touch with their instincts. We normally think of instincts as base but I think of instinct as being plugged into the universal connection... and when you are, you do not make mistakes!

Instinct is just as deep and rich as intelligence. Animals know what time it is. They do not run around with wrist watches. More and more, people are depending on machines to tell them what is going on in the world. Animals FEEL it.

Horses also have a natural understanding of when individual rights supersede the rights of the community and when community rights supersede the rights of the individual. That is something about which human beings could use more clarity.

Horses have feelings of guilt. It is what makes them trainable. If a horse bites you and by your response you show him that you did not deserve to be bitten, he will feel bad. Horses bite to find out what's happening inside and the situation and your response shows them. So, working with horses will teach you what is inside yourself

When I began to share my Method, it was because of my love for horses and my love for empowering people to work with their horses in a way that builds enthusiasm and self-worth. But as you can see there is much more to this experience than that. There is a give and take of information that weaves a tapestry of understanding and a foundation of trust.

When we learn to be in the moment with a horse, we are not only honoring his spirit and gift we are giving ourselves the opportunity to connect with a power beyond ourselves. It is like letting go and watching a mystery unfold before you. My Method encourages you to make this commitment to yourself and your horse and build a harmonic relationship of trust that honors the intelligence and instinct of both horse and human.