What Happens in Sharing Territory at Liberty?

Photo by Teddie Ziegler
Photo by Teddie Ziegler

Liberty training when coached in the Waterhole Rituals is such an amazing experience. It is like being a child again living a dream where you can really communicate with the natural spirit of horses. It is a self transforming experience. Being in real time at liberty in a free open environment, a horse can be truly seen. In this venue it is simple to understand the individual make up of the horse.  It also causes a horse to be more willing to connect and follow your lead.

This liberty training approach, when no force is used on a horse, opens the door to an ability to connect with the true nature of a horse. It is an experience in real time where one learns in the most natural way from the horse’s response. Communicating with a horse when a horse is free, you find out your strengths and your weakness.

Being guided in the Method by Teddie Ziegler, Linda Salinas, or myself is a co-creative experience between you and the horse.

When tack is used with a horse for teaching a person how to read a horse, it just does not work as well as it does starting out without tack in a free open environment. A horse does not show his true colors when tack is used.  Yes, you can work alone at liberty but, working with a master coach is more valuable. Alone, a person can only choose to interact with what they already know. Working with a master coach, you are able to step out on the leading edge to enter the world of nature.  Working with a liberty coach is magical when one can experience energies and connections that you have not worked with before or even knew existed.

Pixabay Image 940820
Pixabay Image 940820

An example of how differently a horse behaves at liberty: I had a horse that when I first got him I could easily spray him with fly spray, if he was wearing a halter. It even appeared as if he liked being sprayed.  He was trained that well with tack, but without a halter on as far as he was concerned hell could freeze over before he was going to let himself be sprayed. We had no bond at the time.

What you want to have is a horse that would stand and wait to be sprayed whether he was at liberty or not and that you used no tack to train him to stand.  Once I had developed a bond with him he was fine with me spraying him at liberty. I was able to change his conduct from the practice of the first Ritual Sharing Territory only. I did not need to practice using the spray bottle, he became willing. This is the power of the first Ritual. There is much more to this Ritual than people have any idea in how deep it goes. It is not just sitting in a chair in a field or paddock and waiting for a horse to make a connection with you. If this is all you did you would not be in the right state of consciousness to be able to connect with your horse when he comes to you for a visit.

Sharing Territory you need to spent some time preparing yourself to be present to the moment and fully aware of the environment like a horse. So when your horse comes to you you have something in common with him. Feeling an intimate connection with the environment, a horse will see you more clearly and you will see him in the same light. In this awareness you naturally will be able to share a common language that is pretty amazing. That is the magic of taking time to get in the zone of connection.

Photo by Teddie Ziegler
Photo by Teddie Ziegler

Sharing Territory is a time to grow your spiritual understanding and to grow your awareness in the moment that will help you to connect to the true nature of horses. Sharing Territory is an opportunity for self realization and is a way to step into your personal power. It will enliven your spirit which will help you to awaken to your true nature.

I have created a program called the Chair Challenge that has developed the Ritual Sharing Territory into an in depth program through 21 days of guided meditations to bring you to a state of well being and to a consciousness that will meet and connect easily with horses. From Sharing Territory with horses, horses have made me a better person and trainer. What I learned from them is that the connection with them brings about a partnership great than anything I could have trained a horse to do. I found a better version of myself and a way to connect with all living things.

TESTIMONIAL: [thrive_testimonial name="Andree Castagne – Belgium" company="" image=""] "It took me awhile before understanding how to really Share Territory with my horse.  I was sitting in my chair going deep inside myself and nothing happened!  My horse was eating and I was gone.

After Carolyn's coaching, I became aware of my surroundings, fully present to the moment, and magic happened. My connection with Bhindi changed a lot and the trust is deep and constant." [/thrive_testimonial]

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn

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