Growing Your Spiritual Awareness through Sharing Territory with Horses


Sharing Territory with horses has many exercises to achieve the full benefit in how to bond with a horse. The first lesson is that the student needs to become fully focused on the moment and feel a deep connection with their horse just being in the same space with him.

What gets in the way of really receiving the full benefit from Sharing Territory is that horse lovers, when focused on the bond, can become needy and want an interactive experience with the horse while Sharing Territory. This kind of neediness affects a person’s approach to how they choose to go about training a horse. Being needy causes the horse to take charge. Sharing Territory will grow your spiritual awareness so you will need less guidance from others.  This will reduce the neediness.



From proper guidance in my Method you can easily become a true Horse Whisper. Soon this is the program we will be offering from the Academy.  Sharing Territory will continue to grow your understanding of life and in how to influence others through better communication. Sharing Territory also helps you to stay in the flow of the moment so you are able to lead without control, but rather by knowing how to create a path that a horse will follow and dance with you in the most natural way.

I want to remind my readers that what they learn from horses can also help them with human relationships as well. This is why the academy is focused on self-realization though the training of horses. Taking the time to train horses through communication reviles a path in how to influence the world of man to have more interest to support the hearts of others.  This is because of the well being you bring to others from your leadership vibrations and influences. If you can influence a horse’s spirit to follow your lead, then you can reach the spirit of man because they are one in the same.

Nikki and Trinity


The result of Sharing Territory can open the world to you so you may see the horse that is in all living forms.  It is easy to be at one with horses. It is harder to be at one with our own kind. The trick is to remember the quote from Rumi - "out beyond the field of right and wrong there is a field, I will meet you there".  A lesson I have learned from horses is that conversations can not begin until both parties are open to feeling at peace with one another.

I feel that most training methods do not use this approach and man betrays his horse as well as himself.

Have a great weekend! Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn