Going Forward

My method of training is a method that does not replace any other method of training a horse. My method’s main purpose is to create a cross species bond and working partnership with a horse that will help you in all equestrian training methods and pursuits with your horse. My method is meant to develop clear sightedness in knowing how to put your horse in the right state of mind to work with you from a willing and enthusiastic attitude. This will allow your horse to be able to put forth his best effort for that day in whatever your plans are, whether it be riding or training or just an activity that brings more enrichment to your horse’s well being at liberty without tack. If you have come to my site to get help with fixing a problem, I do not have any formula to help you because I do not fix problems, or care to with my own horses. What I do is shape the horse’s character to fit in harmony with me from a growing foal to a finished riding horse. There are many other methods that fix problems. My method of training is not really training at all- it is about building a relationship and connection with a horse- if the horse is so inclined. The way you know if my method is for you and your horse is that it works easily for you and makes total sense in why you chose this path.

When I was growing up as a child, it was a natural practice in my day to have a horse in your life that fit your abilities in order to keep you safe. As your horsemanship skills grew, you would advance to a horse that was more challenging that you could still easily manage. This way a horse was your best teacher and friend. Over the years, your skill will evolve. By learning this way, your skill is very reliable, and you are not in danger of doing the wrong thing with your horse that can get you hurt or the horse abused.

What I offer on my site is to support people who are interested in my method, not a service to help people with problems. I am not interested in solving problems and would not know how to advise you on these matters. I really do not know how to fix problems because I do not have problems with horses and they are fine the way they are. When using my method, you are to continue using the training methods of your choice and you will see that your horse will be more responsive to them from the partnership you build.

If you would like further coaching on my method, coaching calls are a great way to get started because I can spend time with you. We can talk and decide if the coaching call is right for you in a client development call, and many times I can answer your question without charge, which is my pleasure. If you decide to do a coaching call, you can buy a block of time and use it as you need. For example, you can get lessons over the phone that might only take a few minutes, or other times longer if you choose. You can use your one-hour time over a one-year period, or in one call. It is your choice.

If you have a horse that is not well matched with you, and you want to keep the horse, I can help you through telephone coaching calls.

May the horse be with you and I hope your weekend is truly a happy one!! Remember, be on the watch for new horse and human sightings.