From the Horses' Mouth - Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic - Spring 2013

Group Photo

We just finished another fantastic Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinic.


I enjoyed this clinic along with my class so much that we are going to use the same curriculum and the same number of people going forward in my future Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinics. The size of the class, only 4 students, was much smaller and it was more rewarding for all of us.  Instead of having two clinics a year, we are now going to have four clinics a year.  By running more classes with this intimate setting, the students get much more personal, one on one time with me.

What an amazing experience and event.

Carolyn and LibertyIn the morning we gathered together and I shared what was on my mind about what I felt was important to the class that day.  It was a five-day clinic,  each morning we focused on one of the first five Waterhole Rituals that develop an ability to dance with your horse at Liberty as a true art.  We also moved ahead to more advanced training of the horse regarding people’s interest in training horses that included the start of the bit-less program.  Everyday In the afternoon students got to practice Liberty Dancing…Companion Walking in spontaneous movements from a magical connection.

Ginny and TrinityBeing in an intimate group setting, each person realized more of their natural ability in directing a horse at Liberty in a freestyle approach with grace and ease.  It was more like a social event in the afternoon between horses and humans, but more than that was learned.  Music inspired each student’s creativity to dance in his or her own way and leadership style and in harmony with a horse in a spontaneous dance.  It was like the Movie the Black Stallion. Everyone was full of joy and danced each day with a greater skill that took no effort because of how lost in the fun and exuberance we were all feeling.

From my perspective

Adriana and HoneyAs the position of being the guide, I felt I was assisting everyone to find their true nature and tap into their instincts in order to speak directly to a horse through their own personal body language.  In this way they could express themselves from their own approach and from seeing their approach I could guide them with greater clarity and see how I could empower them more.

I believe that in order to heighten horsemanship skills quickly theory and direction needs to be given to the student away from the dance they experience with their horse.  This way the student gets to practice what they have learned so they have more ability to utilize the information I have given them. In the freedom the class experienced I only monitored and supported their direction to keep them empowered.  In their exploration of the new information cheering and  encouragement was of great value, it brings out your greatest strength in how to communicate and lead a horse.

Wendy and Trinity

The student gets to see themselves grow and advance using their own natural instincts and leadership style. Working at liberty is alot diffrent than having tack on a horse. When  a horse is at liberty, keeping a horse in control can only occur through knowing how to keep the horses' focus and willingness alive in the horse. Much more skill is needed, along with knowing the natue of horses in general and knowing how to use your body language to get a favorable result. This is what my studnets were able to achieve during the clinic.

Knowing how to go about making a connection with a horse, any horse, is so important.

Pavla and HoneyWhether you are a professional or an equestrian, on the pursuit of advancing your training skills and understanding horse behavior and body language, or working with horses at liberty to develop the bond and respect, this is of great value.  I believe it is important for people when learning horsemanship skills that they learn with gentle horses that they are unfamiliar with. I have noticed that working with a horse a person knows gets in the way of true empowerment in how to approach and communicate with horses in general. When you have learned how to approach a horse you do not know and can make a connection with him, you find you have moved into the world of true empowerment and knowingness in all kinds of conditions and circumstances.

Our horses included: Trinity, Honey, Liberty, Marchador, Firelight, Apollo, Jazz and Ladd.

Uberstreichen Exercises

Not only did we do afternoon Liberty dancing, but in the morning we also focused on how to develop a horse  from Liberty into moving on to using tack.

I want to thank Wendy, Pavla, Adriana and Ginny for your enthusiasm during the clinic and for my Method and for your dedication and love that you all have for your horses.  I also want to thank Teddie, Marina Jeanette and Carrey for your help and support behind the scenes.

Here is a video compilation of some of the Liberty Dancing that everyone did with Trinity.


I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as everyone had doing it.  If you have a group of 4 and would like to have your own private Beyond the Waterhole Clinic here at my ranch, please email us at and we will gladly set it up.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for more horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.


Warmly, Carolyn