Free Open Discussion with Carolyn Resnick on Creating a Dressage Performance Starting at Liberty

It is my belief that you can ride a horse without training for any and all the movements in dressage, even to the aires above the ground. When a horse wants to be ridden he will perform, and understand, your aids naturally and willingly like magic. Not every horse and not every rider, but I do believe that it is hidden within us. However, the human needs to be a highly sensitive and an admirable man or women for a horse to agree to what is being asked of him.

The direction given to the horse must inspire the horse to want to dance due to the soul connection he has with his rider. This is where the Waterhole Rituals come into play.

Marino LattoMy Method prepares the horse to respond in this manner by doing exercises that will evolve the horse to perform the maneuvers in dressage.  This happens by doing the exercises in my Method that precedes a particular movement. It is not at all unusual to develop a horse in this manner, except that we start training at liberty first and that the exercises I offer are different.   My exercises are designed so that when you ride your horse no bits, spurs, or whips are needed in the development the horses’ performance.

The focus of my program is on teaching the student how to ask and how to develop the horses’ energy to match the request that is been given to him and that the horse is willing and able to enjoy the requests. Let's open this subject up for discussion in the comments below.  Please let me know your thoughts...

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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