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Photo by Teddie ZieglerPausing before giving your horse a request gives you enough time to gain the full attention of your horse. Pausing between each request will bring excellent timing to your communication aids.  It will also give you enough time to read your horse properly. Using the pause as a training aid will give your horse time to process and respond, or not, and this will create an indelible desire in your horse to follow your lead.  Using the pause rather than a push with correction, and asking in a relaxed manner, will help to keep you in the flow of the moment and the dance alive and connected.  It will develop a proactive behavior as a leader; pausing instead of pushing and correcting, bringing you a better approach to horse training in general.  Focusing on asking in the right way, rather than expecting a certain response, brings training to an art and opens the door to the magic. What we are looking for is dependability and a forever growing deeper relationship.

Photo by Teddie Ziegler

There is a magnetic connection that horses share and when this is gained in a way that the horse is not forced, in a proactive style, this gives the horse room to respond the way he chooses.  This approach brings out in a horse a joy for learning and performing, which will speed up the training of the horse creating more dependability. In this way you are training the true spirit of the horse.   Learning then becomes a desirable activity for the horse and the relationship becomes more important than the treats he might receive.

Developing this proactive style of training will continue growing your personal magnetism with your horse. This magnetic energy will also come in handy with the training of your horse at Liberty. Getting into a rhythm with your horse as a trainer is most valuable. If you watch respected trainers with horses you will see this dance going on, but most of the time onlookers do not watch for this. If you do, then your awareness is keen and horse training may be your calling in life, if you choose it to be.


Getting comfortable Sharing Territory is the first step in developing the power of the pause as a training aid. Sharing Territory with my guidance will empower your leadership choices and develop them into an art.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerWhen Sharing Territory with your horse, as you begin my online courses, the easiest way to get comfortable is to put yourself in “neutral”. This means being in the moment wanting nothing, accepting things as they are, and becoming quiet so you can truly relax.  I find that being able to put a horse in “neutral” at any time will keep your horse performing to his best ability. Before you develop the pause in your horse, focus on developing the pause in you.

You cannot ask a horse to pause and be in neutral if you cannot do this for yourself. You will also discover that the pause in you will draw the attention of your horse to want to feel a connection with you.

When you reach this neutral state of mind, while Sharing Territory, move your awareness to all the things around you in nature like the weather, the energy, and any changes that are taking place in the flow of the day. This way of being is how a stallion stays watchful over his herd.  He is relaxed and aware.

The purpose of this practice is to bring awareness to the moment and to the environment. This will give you the ability to see when you can direct a horse successfully and how to go about setting him up so you can.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerRelax and hang out with your horse. Allow your horse to hang out wherever he chooses to in the area the two of you are sharing. See how comfortable he is and develop this demeanor in yourself as well. Take this time to quiet down.

What should happen from the practice of the pause is that your horse will develop a deeper connection with you. This will help to start the magnetic energy to grow within yourself. This practice will continue to increase this well being, both in yourself and in your horse. In turn this will bring you more connectedness in your activities and pursuits.

The benefits that you obtain from the practice of the pause will become your natural way of being around horses and horses will begin to see you as a trusted leader.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerSit with your horse every day for an hour in a place that your horse is comfortable.  In an hour spend equal time sitting quietly, reading a book, and journaling on your experience and how you feel about it.

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I hope this blog has inspired you that training your horse can be an experience in self-realization through the proactive style that I offer.

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