Free Lesson on How to Remove Herd Bound Behavior in Horses

painting1 When I was growing up I remember sitting with a mare in her manger and picking through her hay to create a pile of the top choice leaves that she enjoyed the most. When she learned what I was doing she would try to take my piles away from me before I had completed them. I protected them by disturbing her enough to keep her away from my piles. From our discussion of where she needed to eat and how to leave me alone, until I was ready to give her the food, there was a profound effect on my ability to ride her later. She was an untrained horse and after the relationship we had formed at the manger, I found that I had created a dependable riding horse that did not need saddle training.

What I discovered was that the relationship we formed over food was most valuable. She learned to trust that I had her best interest at heart and at the same time she needed to follow my lead. She gave me her full attention because it became a habit for her to do so. Our bond became stronger than what she had with other horses.

Video showing herd bound behavior:


The lesson I am about to share with you is how to get two horses to give up their obsession with being together.  This is achieved by following the same interaction that I had with this mare. You should receive favorable results in only 10 days and be able to ride each horse on a trail ride without the need for them to be together.

What I am about to share with you works like magic!


Photo by Teddie Ziegler

Developing your ability to remove the “buddy bond” will also grow your ability to communicate with all types of animals. The process you go through to remove the negative aspects of the “buddy bond” are educational to you in how to approach your training thereby elevating your horsemanship and your communication skills.  Since this is a relationship based training method, based on the approach I took with this mare, rather than the traditional approach of training a horse; it will require your full attention, creative leadership, and your whole-hearted interest.

In order to do the following lesson you will need to have experience training horses at Liberty.  This is necessary so that you know how to stay safe and how to get positive results.  Working with vises takes experience and a higher level of horsemanship than just knowing how to ride a well-trained horse.

Free Lesson - How to remove “herd bound” behavior in horses:

Photo by Teddie Ziegler

At Liberty when the horses are together in their home site, allow one horse to eat a potion of free choice grain and keep the other horse away while he is eating.  Then when he is finished let the other horse eat and keep the first horse away.

When the horses have learned to wait for their turn to eat, then feed one horse outside the area next to the fence.

Leave food for the horse that remains in his home base.  Take a longer and longer time to return the horse that is outside of his area, each time feeding longer distances away for the horse’s home site. (Be sure to establish a routine.)

Bit by bit your horses will be able to separate for longer periods of time because of the bond that you created through the leadership exhibited over the food that you bring to both horses.

Photo by Teddie Ziegler

Always start with Sharing Territory to put yourself in an altered state of being and a heighten state of awareness. This way your approach will be more appropriate in getting the results you want to receive. Take your time and believe you can do it and the magic of life will be there to support you all the way. You will also find a self guidance that you can trust in from the results of Sharing Territory.

When you feel that your horses are not concerned about separation, you can then proceed to take short rides returning back to the buddy often.  The horse that is left behind is fine because he gets special treats.  The horse you are riding is fine because he has a deeper bond with you and a routine that he knows will return him back home.

Enjoy! If you have any questions I will try to answer them for you in the comments below.  We will be doing a video on this subject soon.  So stay tuned...

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn



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