Free Lesson on How to Handle a High Energy Horse

Photo by Sharolyn Wandzura Controlling the “dragon energy” in a horse creates a performance that is magical.

With an energetic horse it is important to allow him to be who he is and create the control through developing a strong connection with him. You can have this control by how you go about your “entry point” each day and by spending time to put the horse in neutral before you begin your lunging exercises. All high-energy horses have the ability to relax, connect and listen to your leadership.  Outbursts on a lunge line are not necessary.

The Waterhole Rituals are the answer to controlling the “dragon energy” in your horse so that no matter how your horse is feeling he is there for you, as you need him.

Photo by Sharolyn Wandzura

You do not need to be afraid of an energetic horse. Working with an energetic horse you don’t have to work so hard to motivate him.  Energetic horses love attention, company and training. Training gives them an ability to express their energy in a positive way. Training also gives a horse purpose and meaning in their life. An energetic horse wants to dance, learn and perform just like a dog that likes to play catch.

I find that hot horses love to be in concert with their riders when we work with their spirit rather than trying to stifle their energy or trying to tire them out on a lunge line.  In many cases they have so much energy that they can’t be warn out.

This is my Approach to Controlling the "Dragon Energy":

My daily practice is to take time to develop the right approach in how to connect with a horse each day. I first check the horse out to see how he is feeling. I want to know where his head is. Horses are very emotional. A horse could want to be left alone, he could be focused on something else, he might not want to connect, he may feel nervous or and just want to take a nap. I’ve got to figure out what the “entry point” is and how to gain his interest and focus.  I want to have a strong enough connection to be able to relax and tame his “dragon energy” enough to bring him into a neutral energy.

I was talking to my friend Mark, from, and he wanted me to explain what I meant by “entry point”. I told him to imagine that he is in a bar and that he sees a woman that he would like to get to know.  His natural response would be to wait and look for an opportunity to engage this woman in a conversation. His opening approach is critical to meeting this woman.  Whatever  approach he chooses is his “entry point”.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerWith a horse the “entry point” could be to pause with your full attention on your horse being in a state of neutral waiting for an opportunity to present itself that creates the connection you want.

If I go into a stall and the horse is in a hurry to get out of the stall, my “entry point” might be to open the stall door a bit when the horse’s energy has lessened and close the door when the horse’s energy increases. Usually this works in short order if I have the Waterhole Rituals already on the horse. If it does not work in a quickly I will take the time to train him to set down. Sharing Territory and waiting for the horse to come to me in a field might be another “entry point”.

I discover the “entry point” I need by standing and waiting for an idea to present itself to me. Many times, while waiting for an idea, the horse comes to me, gives me his full attention and drops his energy to match mine. It is always important to hold the energy in yourself that you want your horse to have. Horses read energy very well and will match it in the moment that you have a connection.

Hot Horses and the “Entry Point”

Photo by Teddie ZieglerHot, high energy horses seem to get more benefit from our efforts to look for the "entry point" to start the day rather than going and catching the horse, which can make a hot horse feel trapped.  A deep security is gained and all horses resonate to this kind of attention.  When you take the time to connect in this way, it causes the horse to feel that you are honoring him thus opening the door to an ability to connect him.

Those moments are precious and powerful!  They bring a horse to trust you and the horse lets go of concerns and pent up energy.

Having a horse’s full attention is a big step. It can bring relaxation to your horse, especially if you believe it will and you wait him out to allow him to find neutral.  If a horse has allot of pent up tension, he will begin to release it from your presence, concern, and heart.

Standard Practice in the Equine World for a High Energy Horse

What is standard practice, in the equine world, is to lunge a horse in order to decrease his energy so he will relax enough for his handler to force a connection. I think this practice is generally not a good idea because it can damage your relationship with your horse and you can loose his trust in your leadership. It can also tire a horse out so that his performance under saddle looses its brilliance. Also after lunging, a horse may not be in the right state of mind to follow your lead because he has been out of control when he is high. A horse can learn that this is a way to take control of you when you are riding him.

A rider that cannot control this kind of energy on a lunge line may not want to ask a horse to bring this kind of energy up under saddle for fear off loosing control.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerWhat we are looking for from a horse when we ride for pleasure, or for competition, is that we can ask for big energy and then ask for low energy, right after that, and we will get it. This is gained from a horse being committed to following your leadership no matter where his energy is. This comes from a whole-hearted desire to follow your lead in all circumstances.  Seldom do I ever see a connection between horse and rider that is whole-hearted and in total control.

In order to have a brilliant performance and an unconditional connection, drop the idea that you need to run the energy out of your horse.  Instead have him release the energy under control through your guidance. The thing that needs to be addressed each day is putting a horse into the right frame of mind through reestablishing the connection and finding the proper “entry point”.   This way you avoid the out of control horse all together. This is the first purpose of my Waterhole Rituals once it is used as an initial training method for your horse.

Photo by Sharolyn WandzuraI have seen many people taking horses for granted and they are confused in why the horse’s performance is just “so so”. The attention you give him, the allowance you offer him and at the same time not dropping your direct leadership are the most important aspects to that magical dance you want with your horse.

All of these subjects and more are discussed in my Online Waterhole Rituals Course.  There is still room and it is not too late to enroll.  The Insider’s Circle registration is open until October 6th and registration for the Extended Circle is open until October 20th.



Looking for a Working Student:

I am looking for a horse trainer that would like to work with me, as a working student, here at my ranch in Escondido to learn a higher level of what the rituals have to offer the horse world in the training and communication with horses. If this interests you get in touch with Teddie at I also need this person to help take videos for me as we are getting more and more requests for material. We can teach you how to run a video camera.