Free Lesson - Enhancing Your Body Language to Deepen the Bond and Respect with Your Horse

The way to connect and deepen the bond with a horse is through the energy exchange that occurs through your body language.

I was watching a speaker on Ted Talks with Ken Robinson and he make a joke about college professors saying that they feel that the only reason that they have bodies is to transport their heads around to wherever their head needs to go and that in no way can they dance.

You can just imagine from this image that a college professor would not be able to connect with a horse either. Being concentrated in your head, your body movements would have no energy. Spirit or energy is what gives meaning to your body language. Even if you are feeling love for your horse and feeding treats, if your energy is passive your horse will be more aware of the treats than of you. Having a present energy and intent in your body language is what brings about a true connection. Imagine a limp hand shake versa a hand shake that you expect to receive from a professional and how you immediately would discount the person with low energy.

Here are two exercises that will bring up your energy and a desirable presence:

Pick the exercise that would be the most effective. If you are feeling that your energy is low pick the first exercise. If you are feeling nervous pick the second exercise.

First exercise- let's reverse the college professor image.  Instead of the body walking the head to where it needs to go use your head to walk your body around. Really get into it. Think of walking as a dance. Listen to some music while you are walking. Breath life into your soul. Feel a sense of well-being.

Second exercise- For a moment think of a time that you felt a deep well-being or gratitude, or listen to some music that relaxes you. Pause and close your eyes and bring that presence of well-being into your whole body. When you have this feeling in your body keep this feeling alive and bring this vitality to your horse. You bringing well-being into your body language will grow the bond more deeply and your body language with be easy for your horse to read. When your body language is backed up with vitality the bond will deepen and grow.

Communicating with your horse without tack:

When training or communicating with a horse without tack, the line of connection becomes the energy that you put into your body language; where you are looking to deepen the bond and heighten the horse's performance.

Using your body to carry your head around, your body language will carry no message in it. I see this all the time. Becoming truly present to the moment and feeling energized brings meaning and purpose to your body language. This way your body language can be understood, admired, and respected.

Horses see who to trust, who to respect, and who is weak from their body language.

Your horse develops an attitude about how he or she is going to respond to you by your posture in the same way that one walks and communicates through movements.

Before you go to your horse listen to some music or do some yoga exercises to wake up your body and enliven your spirit. This kind of body language will deepen the bond and bring out a synchronicity of shared movements in harmony and unity. This approach, working at Liberty with my method, will not only create a deep friendship with a horse, but it will produce an exceptional training relationship.

If you have a competition horse and would like to work with me to have a better training relationship and performance I can really make a difference in your horse’s performance.  You can take my online course in the Waterhole Rituals or you could choose to work directly with me at my ranch.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn