Free Interactive Lesson with me in how to Approach Horse Training

Disinterested?"Is my horse lazy, a brat, cranky, bored, out of sorts, not interested or rude?" Maybe none of these things are true. Maybe you feel this way because your horse is not fitting in with your plans for the day?

Maybe, your horse might say that YOU are uninspiring, lacking desirable leadership, boring, out of sorts, or controlling.

Name calling will just create more separation. How to get out of this pattern is to stop looking at your horse's performance as not being up to your expectations and start working on a better relationship and a better leadership approach with your horse.

The focus of training needs to be on how to create the dance rather than what needs to be fixed.  My blog and online programs can help you and your horse to find the best part of each other.

Honey and LibertySometimes your influence may have created these undesirable responses in your horse. If this is the case there is a way to bring your horse to be happy and connected with you rather than causing your horse to respond negatively to your direction.

Any of these undesirable attitudes are a way for your horse to let you know that he does not feel that you have approached him in a way that inspires him to follow your lead.  These attitudes are usually created by not knowing how to interact with your horse so that these behaviors do not happen.

If these attitudes were present in your horse before you arrived to the stable, because your horse is having a bad day, then you would be correct to call him these names.  However, doing so will not empower you or your relationship with your horse.  It's best to leave him alone on these "bad" days.

When is a horse considered rude?

LibertyBefore I answer this question let me know your opinion in what you would consider to be rude behavior in a horse and why you think your horse is rude. 

I will be waiting for your response.

Until the next time, be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.