Focusing on Your Personal Journey

Hi I want you to know how much I look forward to your comments. It lets me know that my blog is being enjoyed and appreciated. If you have no comment to make, it would be nice if you could leave your full name and say something short like “checking in, thanks.”

For new people coming to my blog, my blog is a classroom. It is not meant to be a typical chat room. I am here to inspire, encourage, and support you in how to use my methods. Lately, I have noticed that the comments are changing a bit. Some comments are about what someone else might learn from your knowledge or expertise. However, I want to be the guide rather than the class calling on one another for guidance. There is much to be learned by staying in your personal journey without advising others. This is the atmosphere I want to continue to maintain.

Focusing on your personal journey as a practice in awareness has an extraordinary ability to grow your understanding and connection with horses. Recall when you were a child in kindergarten enjoying a learning opportunity. You were only aware of your journey, not whether or not your classmate needed guidance. This way, you can stay in the “beginners mind.” In this state, a true heart connection is gained. Staying in the “beginners mind” with your horse allows you to let go of opinions and the left-brain consciousness that has little ability to grow the bond.

I do not know if I have a standard definition of a heart connection because the meaning of the word changes from what it is I am referring to. Maybe a rough meaning would be a connection that is undeniably heart felt, a mutual friendship that is deep. It is a constant desire to be together in harmony and unity without effort. Looking at a cross species bond is a good example of a heart connection. It is a state of agreement where communication is natural.

I hope to have a place on my site in the near future where you can advise each other and network and grow as a community, and help me with my school. Thank you for staying in your own experience and sharing your experiences with me. Any time you have a question, even if it is off the subject, leave it on the current blog comments section and I might get to it.

I want to review some important points on what it is that we want to accomplish at liberty with the last Ritual- Liberty Dancing. We certainly do not want to make trained bears like in a circus, that are trained from cues. What you do want to gain is a dance partner you have been practicing with. The goal is to create in the horse a consistent response to your movements and leadership. We are looking to influence the instinct horses have that causes them to move away from what is coming toward them, and to move towards something that is leaving them. This is the herding instinct natural to all horses. Horses are born with this instinct and it is what causes the herd to move together in a united form. It is what gives the foal the ability to match his mother’s movements without thought.

How we bring out this ability is to focus on practicing the magnetic connection through Companion Walking, which is explained on my DVD 'Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals' (click here to get it), and the practice of the last Ritual- Liberty Dancing. Put your focus on the "send" and the "draw". Send your horse away and keep him inspired to move faster and faster. When he gets going, try to influence him back to you by running backwards, and call his name. He should respond easily to this. When he gets to you, let him relax in your company and then take him with you to the treat bucket. Then, give him a treat if he can wait next to it in a relaxed fashion. Let me know how this works out.

Do not try this exercise until you understand all the Rituals and what you want to achieve with each one is working for you. I also practice this "send" and "draw" with sharing pasture life in a slow way. An example would be if your horse walks toward you – you move way from him, and when you walk toward your horse- move your horse away. Practice going with the flow, creating movement or the draw and staying connected.

I think it would be fun to share in the class books that we have enjoyed on the subject of energy awareness and heart connection, the support system nature provides and interspecies bonds. Or, stories that inspired you in your life. Some of the titles I have enjoyed and would like to share are:

'West with the Night' by Beryl Markham 'The Tribe of the Tiger' by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas 'The Spell of the Sensuous' by David Abram
'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho 'Illusions' by Richard Bach 'Song for the Horse Nation' by the National Museum of the American Indian


Hope you are doing fabulously!