Fearful and aggresive horse

Hi again. Today's post is another question, which I think many of you might find interesting and valuable. It concerns an arab mare that is alternately fearful and aggressive and is generally uneasy around other horses. Tami writes: Hello

I have really enjoyed reading through your posts about making learning fun for horses. I took your quiz and the question on keeping her attention no matter what stood out to me. I wonder if you have any techniques or any reading material you would recommend for this issue:

I have a lovely 17 year old arab mare who I acquired as a green-broke 10 year old and have spent lots of time working with over the last 7 years. She is very bonded to me and when I moved the east coast and then up to Canada from San Diego a few years ago she came with me. She lived most of her life very happily on a farm where each horse stayed in an individual paddock and only socialized over fences.


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