Excerpt From My Upcoming Book

WORKING WITH THE WATERHOLE RITUALS: RULES AND GUIDELINES As we go along, you will learn many ways in which your approach can affect the relationship you share with a horse. The rules of your behavior will change according to whether your horse approaches you, or you approach your horse.

The rules for working at liberty to bring about a true instinct in a horse to want to bond and stay with you are:

  1. If the horse does not like the direction that he is given, he goes away, signaling you to stop your interactio
  2. To reconnect, you must seek permission to enter the horse’s personal space through the Hello Ceremony.
  3. If the horse objects by walking or running away from you, you must then go away, giving the horse time to naturally choose to reconnect.
  4. When you direct a horse when you are in his personal space, it should always be a request, and if he doesn’t respond to it, you drop the subject and walk away.
  5. If a horse walks up to you and steps into your personal space you can be more assertive
  6. If you are too assertive, your horse will leave you and you must not pursue him, but focus on developing back his willingness. When you approach a horse, you have entered his territory, thus, you must respect his wishes. However, when a horse comes up to you, the rules change, and he will be much more willing to accept your leadership and respect your wishes.
  7. You work with the tendencies of the horse only.

Communicating with horses in this manner brings about magical results. These laws I have found to be a universal formula to the success in any relationship. It is the formula of the dance between consenting partners that keeps a relationship alive.


Remember: this weekend, watch out for New Horse and New Human Sightings. I found the picture for the sighting I told you about sometime ago. This weekend, I plan to have another spotting. Have a great weekend.